Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lil Kim gets the 1st 10 of the season!

Above is Lil' Kims argentine tango last night on Dancing with the Stars, not only did she get a standing ovation, she also got the first 10 of the season! She just gets better every week! And she even got choked up and almost cried. SO ADORABLE! I love this Lil woman!!

And while were at it, here was the worst yet most entertaining (besides Kim) of the night! Biggy Steve Woz doing the tango as well:

gotta love him!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Amy is on the loose

Here are some various shots of Amy playing around in her yard, and leaving her house to go to a concert taken on Wednesday and Thursday. She's lookin better and better

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Movie Clintons

BIG NEWS! Dennis Quaid and Julianne Moore are signed on to play Bill and Hillary Clinton in an upcoming film! The two are magical together onscreen - see them sparkle in the amazing Far From Heaven. The film, however is about Tony Blair (Michael Sheen reprising his role from the Queen). It features the Clintons in supporting roles, and is rumored to be titled "The Special Relationship" (sounds like a fitting title for the Bill and Hillary movie).

Cant wait to see Julianne play Hillary! I love them both so much

GREAT NEWS for Amy's upcoming 3rd album. Mark Ronson, who has reconciled with Amy since the failed James Bond themesong, has signed on to produce her third album. He told reporters: "The writing for this disc is superior to her other two. This is going to be one hell of an album! I am so excited to work and just hang out with Amy again."


Dial Idol's results - motown

Who knows if these are right - they have done a pretty good job so far this season though. But here is what they say are the results from last nights voting:

1. ADAM!
2. Allison
3. Danny
4. Lil
5. Matt
6. Anoop
7. Kris
8. Scott
9. Megan
10. Michael

UH OH! Megan better not go before the boredom of Michael. BUT, Hoooray for Adam!! Last week he was placed #6 according to them, and he has lept to number one! And Allison joins him in dethroning the horrific Danny. I still am so confused and angered as to why Lil is so high though.

Best Friends

Okay this makes me like Kris more. In an interview he was asked: Who in the top 10 is your best friend? He said: Megan! I love that girl.

However Megan said: Adam or Kris.

oooh there's competition!

these 2 are so cute!

Idol's Top 10 do Motown

Its Motown week for Idol, and I was dissapointed and a little let down overall. Here are my thoughts in full:

#1) ADAM
Leaps and bounds above everyone else, Adam did stand out this week and not for his appearance or his overt gayness, but for his voice. Although I prefer my Adam to be hyper sexual and sassy - I did like this performance. Was it as good as Ring of Fire? No. Not even close. But I admire him for switching it up. He is the real deal.

Making up for last week - Allison was so good she was almost my number 1. She stayed true to herself yet again - which I consistently love. She just doesn't have the whole package like Adam, but the package she does have is pretty damn awesome!

#3) KRIS
Yet again he is one of my favorites of the week. I wouldn't go as far as saying he is a favorite in the competition though. He's just someone that is consistantly above average. But in a group of awful singers, and people who are a bit up and down, he does stand out. I don't love his little faces, but I like his spunk.

#4) MATT
He stood up! YAY! I thought I would hate this when it started, another boring but talented piano performance. But then he moved away and performed. It wasn't the best of the night, and the constant falsetto does get old - but on a weak night, he was one of the best.

It was definitely not my favorite best night. I however cannot rank her any lower because she is an original. And although her pitch was all over, she still captured my attention in a way that no one but Adam did. She is tons of fun, she is cute, and she CAN sing. Tonight she didn't do herself any favors, but there were moments I really loved. I hope she makes it through, and can come back and win everyone over.

He is so damned boring. And so damned average. But he .. mostly .. sang in tune. It was the most boring performance of the season though. He might as well have just took a snore break. (the fact that he is this high shows you how awful some people truly were)

I think my dislike for him shows no bounds. He is pegged the winner - yet is always unimpressive to me in every way. And everyone slams Megan's dancing .. have you even watched Danny?! Vocally all over the place. Lots of screaming (yet again, people slam Adam for this, but Danny does just as much if not more, and his is much less pleasant to listen too). I just wish he would go away and go back to singing in the church choir.

#8) LIL
As overrated as Danny is, he can still sing. This is something that Lil has yet to prove. She is A DISASTER. Why they keep saying she is one of the best singers, I will never know. She hasn't proved it. She looked a mess, her wig looked straight from the dollar store. She screamed the whole song, looked like she was on heroine, and should leave now!

He just has no real talent. He's so below average that it hurts. I pray he is gone this week. He is a seat filler at best. And this was a terrible performance, even for him.

#10) SCOTT
As bad as Michael and Lil were, no one trumps Scott. He is just terrible always, and he only seems to get worse! I hope this is his swan song.


So I would put Lil, Michael, and Scott in the bottom with Scott or Michael going home. However I am predicting Megan, Michael, and Lil (I hope) are in the bottom with Michael going home. I will be so sad if Megan has to leave!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The day I met GAGA

Last night I met Lady Gaga and was front and center for her FAME BALL concert at the House of Blues. AMAZING! If this tour comes near you - don't miss out. SHE IS THE BEST!!!!!

2 Chicago Shows to see NOW

If you live in Chicago, now is as good of a time as EVER to go out and see live theatre. I have seen 2 shows in the last 2 weeks, and BOTH were fantastic. I would reccomend you run out to see HORSES AT THE WINDOW at the fabulous Trap Door Theatre, and A PERFECT WEDDING at circle theatre. Both a little off the wall - both wonderful. Go out and support local theatre!

Amy's new music rumors

There were rumors flying around that Amy Winehouse's record label: Island Records, has rejected her demo's for her forthcoming 3rd album. The reports say the songs were reggea themed (sounding nothing like the jazzy and bluesy sounds of "Frank" or "Back to Black"), and that the lyrics were very dark and depressing. Rumors flew over the internet that the tracks were rejected. Well today Island Records bossman denied those rumors today saying: "That is absolutely not true. We are thrilled over the demos. Amy is the best writer of the past 25 years, and this album will prove it. We are excited about the energy she is putting into the album, and the way it is going. It will be a fantastic album."

Thats what I thought! Amy does no wrong. They should know that!

New Amy Interview!!

Amy Winehouse just completed a small interview for NOW magazine in the UK. And she sounds very happy - and as always is honest and upfront as ever. I love her! Here's some highlights:

On her extended vacation to St. Lucia:
“I just wanted to get away from London in the winter and have a nice break in the sunshine. I liked having a daily routine. I exercised a lot, rode horses, ate better. It was fun and relaxing. I think I needed it."

On drug use as of late:
"I haven't done any smack or crack since before I went out there. None. No cocaine or heroin or anything new. Now I may have guzzled some beer and smoked a lot of weed, but small victories right? As far as that hard stupid shit is concerned, I am clean as a whistle!"

On Blake:
“I still love Blake and I want him to move into my new house with me - that was my plan all along. I won’t let him divorce me. He’s the male version of me and we’re perfect for one another. Alright, I had some fun with a lovely bloke in St. Lucia but that was a holiday thing. I don’t want anybody but Blake. And if you read that I say anything other than that - its a lie. I'll have him back, wait and see."

Dancing Recap

Here's my little recap of Dancing with the stars this week:

#1) LIL' KIM - The Queen Bee is back in charge this week. She turned in the sexiest dance of them all, and each week her technique is getting better and better!

#2) SHAWN THE GYMNAST - Sure she has chubbo arms. Sure shes kinda piggy. But she is Lil Kim's biggest competition for sure. She was fantastic!

#3) TY THE HICK - He may not speak english too well, but he was the surprise star of the show. When his partner, the "pro", fell over in the dance, he picked her up and recovered very well. He was shockingly good, him and his snaggle tooth (and I dont mean his wife).

#4) NOT FAMOUS GYLLES - He may be kinda sexy, and he may dance well, but he is no star.

#5) THE GIRL WHO GOT DUMPED - Even less of a star than Gylles. She's losing steam for me. I don't like her at all.

#6) THE WOZ - Uh YES, I did just rank him 6th! He was injured twice this week, and still tried his hardest. YES - he looked like a beached whale, and YES I loved it!


#8) EDYTA IS MY PARTNER - I like Edyta. Thats it.

#9) STEVE-O - Poor crazy Steve-O. This just doesnt make sense. You can jump off a 30 story building and land on your tounge, yet you cant do some shitty watered down ballroom dancing without hurting yourself? I just don't get it.

#10) HOLLY AND HOLLY'S BOOBS - Wow. She just doesnt look happy. She does look like a Barbie doll .. and by that I mean plastic that doesn't bend to walk or dance.

#11) THINGS JUST GOT COMPLICATED - Oh Denise. You will follow in Belinda's footsteps after that.

bye Denise. See you on season 2 of its complicated!

Lil' Kim's Sexy Samba - Week 3

and every week her scores are getting higher!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Coming Soon: Beneath the Horizon

My friend, and one time stage manager for "No Darkness Round My Stone", David Holcombe, is starring in a new film shot in Chicago - Beneath the Horizon. It looks really fantastic! Congrats Dave!!

Backstage with Kim


American Idol PORN

American Idol now has its second run-in with the porn industry this season alone. First it was the number for the 13th contestant (which was alexis on the first week) which had to be changed from 13 to 36, because the number containing 13 at the end was a phone sex line. And now, my little Megan, has a link to porn as well. No its not what you think!! Dirty minds! (you wish) Megan, used to go by Megan Corkrey when the competition began, but that was her husbands name, and since they are now divorced, she chose to drop that and go back to her maiden name for the top 12. Megan Joy. Unfortunately there is a porn star by the name of Megan Joy who is currently starring in Desperate Housewhores 6. No lie.

Dial Idol's results

Country week was a disappointment, with only Megan, Adam, and Kris turning in good performances (for me). However Dial Idol's results (which may or may not be true) show that America is deafer than I thought. Here is the order of who got the most votes from highest to lowest ... sickening almost:

3. LIL

what the hell?! Danny #1?? NO WAY. LIL in the top half .. no way?! And Megan and Adam so low?!

Daily Amy: Amy pulls a Lindsay .. or a Britney

I see London I see France .. I see Amy's underpants

Amy's Replacement

Rapper and new mommy M.I.A. will be replacing Amy Winehouse at the Coachella Music festival in CA next month. Amy's visa was denied because of a court case, and M.I.A. has recovered from giving birth. Good replacement I say. I love them both!

Awards Circuit Oscar Changeup

Awards Circuit has announced another updated look at predictions for next years Oscars - and this time some of my favorites showed up, and some surprises. One thing stands strong - still we see Mo'Nique on her road to an Oscar nom (if not win)

Here they are - you can blow up the picture to get a better look

The Lovely Bones
Shutter Island
Human Factor
Taking Woodstock

Peter Saarsguard - An Education
Johnny Depp - Public Enemies
Daniel Day Lewis - Nine
Morgan Freeman - The Human Factor
Leonardo DiCaprio - Shutter Island

Michelle Pfieffer - Cheri
Meryl Streep - Julie and Julia
Penelope Cruz - Broken Embraces
Demi Moore - Happy Tears
Gong Li - Shanghai

Bill Nighey - The Boat That Rocked
Robert Downey Jr - The Soloist
Stanley Tucci - The Lovely Bones
Matt Damon - The Human Factor
Richard Kind - A Serious Man

Mo'Nique - Precious
Michelle Williams - Shutter Island
Amy Adams - Julie and Julia
Parker Posey - Happy Tears
Rachel Weisz - The Lovely Bones

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Judge Judy RULES

Judge Judy proves why she is one of the most awesome people ever.
Listen to her talk about Obama, Palin, and most importantly GAY MARRIAGE on Larry King Live. Love ya Judes!

Lady Gaga's first movie

You heard it right, here is Lady Gaga's first film:


Alexis gone

Last night American Idol jumped the shark this season .. as if it hadn't already. In a singing competition with maybe only 5 good singers, 3 of which are unique and intriguing to me (that would be Megan, Adam, and Allison) .. they eliminated one of the best singers leaving a LOT of dead weight in the competition, most of whom were safe. It was Alexis who was eliminated over Micheal who was the other bottom feeder of the week. Granted, Alexis struggled on country night, but she has dominated otherwise (she was my favorite on Michael Jackson week, and in the first week of semi-finals). Along with her was Michael who has yet to impress me in any way, especially this week doing country which is supposed to be his thing. And that leaves Alexis out of the tour, so there will be only 3 girls touring, one of which is complete dead weight (Lil). Anyone who agrees that Alexis should go before: Scott (the blind guy who cannot sing in any way at all), Lil (who is an overhyped mess), Michael (who is unimpressive every time he hits the stage), Anoop (who turned in one of the worst performances in the shows history), and Danny (who is primed to win, yet hasn't proved to me that he is any good), is crazy. Sure Alexis wouldn't win, but she should never have gone home so soon. I hate America .. its official.

Adele in Vogue

Vogue has chosen its new muse, and its none other than Adele!! Vogue editor Anna Wintour styled Adele for the grammys (where she won 2!), and now she is gracing the pages of the magazine, and looking HOT!

Adele is also currently moving to Miami to begin her second album! I simply cannot wait! I love Adele!

R.I.P. Natasha Richardson

Sad news .. at 45 years old, Natasha Richardson has passed away. Im sure all our thoughts go out to Liam Neeson, Vanessa Redgrave, and all her family and friends. Rest in peace.

The bitch Kenley, arrested

Project Runway season 5 HAG Kenley, who was a horrible person, was arrested .. and sweet justice is ours. She was arrested in Brooklyn last night after attacking her fiance with a laptop, apples, water, and her own cat!! I couldn't even make this shit up! Kenley was charged with two counts of assault, criminal possession of a weapon and harassment, according to authorities.

"It was a miscommunication," Kenley told The New York Post. "Fights happen, and that's that. Zak blew this out of proportion in the police report. It was a break-up that went badly. He got what he wanted. I broke up with him. I just thought that we weren't ready to get married."

Oh I would pay to see her rotting in jail for a month or so. That would be a reality show I'd love! In other news, as Nicholas pointed out, if she had married her fiance Zak Penly, her name would have been Kenley Penly.

Daily Amy: Back to Camden

Amy Winehouse got decked out last night and went, via cab, to Camden - her old UK stomping grounds. Friends and family feared Amy's return to the town where all her troubles began. Amy met up with a large group of friends and first stopped off at The Hawley Arms, one of her favorite pubs. After about an hour she went to her friends home to pick her up, went inside and came out in a different outfit. Then Amy and friends went to the closing night party of Sadie Frost's London play, where Amy knocked back some drinks and then went onto the stage for a singalong. She sang 3 songs, no clue what, but the audience ate it up. Apparently Amy was so loud that you could hear her on the street below where fans crowded to hear Ames sing the night away. At about 3 am, Amy left the bar, seeming happy and perhaps a little drunk but no weird behavior to report. Good girl. Know your limits.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back to Bronze

Amy Winehouse is addicted to tanning again and yesterday fell asleep in a tanning bed in a UK salon. Luckily there was a 20 minute timer so she isnt burned .. be careful girl!

Natasha Richardson .. sadly brain dead

Natasha Richardson, actress and Tony award winner, is not dead as earlier reported by some careless news sources. However .. the news is sadly no better. She is brain dead due to a skiing accident. Words cannot say how sad that is.

Feel better!!

My favorite actress of all time Jessica Lange took a spill at her cabin last night and is in bad shape. She grabbed for a faulty railing and fell down the stairs breaking her shoulder, breaking her collar bone, dislocating her arm, and receiving a cut across her stomach which required stitches! FEEL BETTER JESSICA!!!! I love you!

Bye Bye Belinda

The first casualty from the Dancing with the Stars group had been announced, and its none other than camel toe herself. Poor Belinda Carlisle didnt have the beat after all. She left over Steve, the fatty from Apple, whom I really think is joyful and I am glad he stayed. However Belinda and her camel toe will always hold a soft soft in my heart. Nicholas, on the other hand is devastated.

American Idol Report Card

Blow up this picture to get my report card grades for last nights performances:

My Girl Megan

Here's Megan's AWESOME "Walking After Midnight"

American Idol Top 11

Last night the top 11 sang Country and celebrated the Grand Ole Opry with country's own skeleton Randy Travis. Here is how I ranked them:

It was a rather dissapointing night, aside from my top 3 spots who were all fantastic. So here is the ranking in full:

#1 - MEGAN
My favorite of the season brought out her A game, and we found out shes been in the hospital ALL week with the flu, and couldn't even perform at the dress rehearsal. She sounded AMAZING, even for her, and I have always loved her voice. She was subdued in performance, and based it all on her origional vocals. She made Patsy Cline proud I'm sure. And best of all .. she didn't say a word about being sick, the judges did. And in a night of talking back from 75% of the contestants, I enjoyed Megan just standing there and taking her rave compliments from the judges without crying out to America with an excuse. She looked great, sounded great, and IS great! And besides Michael (who was terrible) I feel she was the only one who actually sang country.

#2 - ADAM
Looking at reviews online, and just listening to the judges last night, I know that this performance was either a love or a hate. Put me down in the LOVE category. With all capital letters!! This was over the top, dramatic, crazy, intense, sexy, weird, everything. And thank God, because most everyone tonight was boring or dissapointing, and Adam will never be that. And the vocals were on point! And he kept his mouth shut and didn't talk back when the judges told him they hated it.

#3 - KRIS
Surprise of the week! I like him again, this time much better than last week. He sang me and Nicholas' song, and he sang the Adele version. Sure it was a bit copycat, but I really enjoyed his vocals. I also enjoy that he sat on a stool and sang, he didn't have to run around like a fool (Danny!). He has surprised me so far. I actually like him!

It was a good song choice, and it was was overall a good performance. However I was a bit bored with it. There was nothing new with her interpretation. She sounded good 90% of the time though, which was nice.

#5 - MATT
Although I was very bored, and think he is being extremely safe, both weeks, I still like Matt and its beyond question that he has a fantastic voice and is amazing at the piano (something Scott knows nothing about on either end). I hope he steps it up though, he's getting boring.

#6 - ANOOP
Much better than the disaster that was last week. He sounded good, but this song was a risky choice because all I remember was when Fantasia sang it years ago, and she sang it about 10 million times better than Anoop. I do not like him, this time he was in tune though.

What a drop in my rankings. My last weeks #1 is now #7. She took on Dolly Parton's 'Jolene' and she just almost butchered it. Sadly. Some of it sounded okay, sure, but overall it was a HUGE dissapointment. And when she started talking back to judges and making excuses - that didn't help.

This was what happens when a bad rapper meets bad country. This was a terrible song choice, which he stupidly made when he could have picked any country song, and because of the twang in his voice - he could have sounded better than most. This was an utter mess. The only reason I ranked him so high is because it was country night and he is a country singer - and he sang better than the rest ... sadly. And shut your mouth Michael .. no one cares to hear your reasons why you think you didn't suck!

#9 - DANNY
How many times can I saw overrated? He was a MESS this week. The first half of his song was the worst singing of the night (well .. maybe not theres 2 hot messes under him). I hate that the audience loves him, I hate that he sang about Jesus taking the wheel, I pretty much hated all of this.

#10 - LIL
The other completely OVERRATED contestant this year fell flat on her face. This was BY FAR the worst performance of hers, and of any girl this season. This was terrible. If she doesn't land in the bottom 3 tonight - there will be no justice. She just doesn't cut it. Bland would be a compliment at this point.

#11 - SCOTT
Go. Home. Now. He cannot sing AT ALL. This was a joke. Honestly A JOKE! Worst performance of the season, this or any.


Now all that being said .. I KNOW america is STUPID and cannot hear the bile that spews out of Scott, Lil, and Danny's mouths .. so I am sure none of those 3 will be in the bottom three. No instead I predict it will be: Michael, Alexis, and Kris in the bottom three. Which would be a shame - especially on the Kris end of things. Although I dont know how safe Allison and my girl Megan are either. Who knows. All I know is that LIL or SCOTT should be gone tonight.

and sadly it will never happen

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dancing Rankings

So tonight someone is eliminated from Dancing with the Stars, after 2 dances, here's my rankings of the "celebs"

1) LIL KIM - Of course she's my number one! She's my favorite!! Not only that, she can dance. She's done 2 different styles of dance and she did them well!! I love her, I love it! She's what the show is about, taking a celeb .. a REAL celeb .. who doesn't dance, and teaching them to dance. She's doing it. And she's doing it 'WAY BIG'!

2) GILLES NAKED GUY FROM SEX IN THE CITY - Come on, if he's a celeb, so am I! Just kidding. But he is no celeb. He is however a good dancer.

3) MAN-ARMS SHAWN - Olympic gymnast and now beefy dancer, Shawn is pretty good .. but she just doesn't excite me in any way.

4) DUMPED BACHELORETTE MELISSA - She is NO celebrity in any way, shape, or form. Instead of her ass they should have gotten NEW YORK! She took her dumping and made it into a fortune! This bitch also has dance training, no wonder shes one of the best dancers. I dont like her.

5) JEWEL'S RODEO HUSBAND - I dont know his name .. no one does. But he was pretty good on week 2. Maybe he can make up for the fact that his wife lost her footing when her snaggletooth weighed down her ankles.

6) HOLLY! - I just love the girls next door, and especially Holly. But she is just embarassing herself at this point. Hope it gets better.

7) KATHY GRIFFINS FATTY EX WHO INVENTED APPLE - Okay, hes obviously the worst dancer ... maybe (thats left for you Belinda), BUT he is obviously having the most fun. And he is fighting to stay in the competition. I think hes fun.

8) COUNTRY SINGER NO ONE HAS HEARD OF WHO IS MARRIED TO HIS PARTNER - Who the hell is this guy? Why should I care if he and his wife can dance. My office pool is there is a divorce before seasons end.

9) ITS COMPLICATED - Why yes, I am referring to Denise Richards. She is a hot mess in every level. And thankfully she's on this show so we can see another side of her craziness. She's not a good dancer, in any way. But please let her stay around to cry another week or two.

10) STEVE-O - I like Steve-O, but he's out of his league. And now he's injured. How can you staple your nuts to your asshole and not get hurt, yet rush to the hospital from a sommersault?


12) BELINDA "THE CAMEL TOE" CARLISLE - She is just a slow droopy mess. Which does make her all that more entertaining. But that shimmering glimpse of her camel's toe at the end of her routine last night, is emblazened in my mind forever. You go girl! You suck ... But you go!

13) CAREER WAS OVER WHEN LIVING IN COLOR WAS CANCELED ALAN GRIER - Please go home. Youre not funny. Youre not good. Youre not a celeb anymore.

I predict that Belinda or Steve (either one .. you pick) are out tonight.

Lets see

Lil' Kim's media blitz continues

Lil' Kim : Quickstep

Lil' Kim blew me and the judges away again last night with her professional quickstep! She is certainly one to beat in this competition.

Daily Amy: Cute Trip to Court

Amy Winehouse attended court this morning, where she pleaded innocent to the charge that she punched a woman in the face at a private concert. The incident has caused her US visa to be denied, so she cannot headline Coachella as planned. However she has just signed on to headline the Jazz Festival in St. Lucia, where she just vacationed and rehabbed for 3 months. In court she arrived on time, with her father by her side. And she looked CUTE AS HELL! The looks are back folks!!! Here are the pictures to prove it.

In court she said her name was: Amy Jade Civil - her married name. She still is intent on meeting with Blake. Her dad said the following in a brief interview: "Amy wants to resolve the situation. She's guilty of loving him, stupid girl! I'm not saying she's going back to him, she just wants to talk. I want her to get divorced. I want Blake and his family out of our lives. I just hope Amy can stay away from him. It's the only chance she has. Blake's a destructive influence on her life. And he's a liar. This is the man who openly admitted he introduced Amy to Class A drugs. Amy nearly ended up dead thanks to him. This is the man who kicked a barman so hard he needed his face rebuilt. He's after £5million. Does he think we're idiots?"

Amy, however was only positive as she left court. Asked how she was she responded: "Look at me! I'm fine thank you!"