Friday, March 6, 2009

Megan Interviewed!

Megan was interviewed by MTV last night, as she has been pegged as MTV's favorite by a couple of reporters. Here is her interview .. I like this girl:

A lot of people remark on the way that you dance, it's very interesting and unique. Can you tell us about that?
I really don't know why that happens. When I start singing I just flop around, it just happens. I don't know!

What are your musical influences?
My number one influence is Bjork. I started listening to her when I was 16. Her music is so beautiful and original and different and emotional. I just love it.

Can you tell us about your tattoo?
It's a castle and there's a sky above it. There is a fairy godmother (my mom), a wizard (my brother) and a prince (my son). I told the artist what I wanted and he drew it up. I'm very blessed and I love my family, so that's my tattoo.

How many tattoos do you actually have in total?
I have 7 if you count my sleeve as one.

What are they and how long did it take your sleeve to complete?
My sleeve isn't complete. It's a castle in my fairy tale. I have my son's name on my wrist and I have two stars on my back for me and my mom. I have my middle name, Joy, on my hip and I have just a jumble of things I love on both my feet.

When you auditioned, did you ever think you would have this?
No way. I never even had a solo in high school choir, I didn't think I'd make it out of the first round.

Utah has always been a very closed place and here you come with this very open, great personality. Can you talk about that?
Utah is a very friendly place, a great place to raise a family.

Do you play any intsruments?
I don't sadly.

Do you plan to learn any in this experience?
I would love to learn the piano or the guitar, so if anybody wants to teach me, I'm ready!

What music theme would scare you?
I'm not really scared but I'm a little unsure with Country Week because I don't listen to a lot of country.

You think you could pull it off?
Yeah, I'm gonna do it. I'll tear it up.

Closing remarks?
Just thank you!

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