Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol Top 11

Last night the top 11 sang Country and celebrated the Grand Ole Opry with country's own skeleton Randy Travis. Here is how I ranked them:

It was a rather dissapointing night, aside from my top 3 spots who were all fantastic. So here is the ranking in full:

#1 - MEGAN
My favorite of the season brought out her A game, and we found out shes been in the hospital ALL week with the flu, and couldn't even perform at the dress rehearsal. She sounded AMAZING, even for her, and I have always loved her voice. She was subdued in performance, and based it all on her origional vocals. She made Patsy Cline proud I'm sure. And best of all .. she didn't say a word about being sick, the judges did. And in a night of talking back from 75% of the contestants, I enjoyed Megan just standing there and taking her rave compliments from the judges without crying out to America with an excuse. She looked great, sounded great, and IS great! And besides Michael (who was terrible) I feel she was the only one who actually sang country.

#2 - ADAM
Looking at reviews online, and just listening to the judges last night, I know that this performance was either a love or a hate. Put me down in the LOVE category. With all capital letters!! This was over the top, dramatic, crazy, intense, sexy, weird, everything. And thank God, because most everyone tonight was boring or dissapointing, and Adam will never be that. And the vocals were on point! And he kept his mouth shut and didn't talk back when the judges told him they hated it.

#3 - KRIS
Surprise of the week! I like him again, this time much better than last week. He sang me and Nicholas' song, and he sang the Adele version. Sure it was a bit copycat, but I really enjoyed his vocals. I also enjoy that he sat on a stool and sang, he didn't have to run around like a fool (Danny!). He has surprised me so far. I actually like him!

It was a good song choice, and it was was overall a good performance. However I was a bit bored with it. There was nothing new with her interpretation. She sounded good 90% of the time though, which was nice.

#5 - MATT
Although I was very bored, and think he is being extremely safe, both weeks, I still like Matt and its beyond question that he has a fantastic voice and is amazing at the piano (something Scott knows nothing about on either end). I hope he steps it up though, he's getting boring.

#6 - ANOOP
Much better than the disaster that was last week. He sounded good, but this song was a risky choice because all I remember was when Fantasia sang it years ago, and she sang it about 10 million times better than Anoop. I do not like him, this time he was in tune though.

What a drop in my rankings. My last weeks #1 is now #7. She took on Dolly Parton's 'Jolene' and she just almost butchered it. Sadly. Some of it sounded okay, sure, but overall it was a HUGE dissapointment. And when she started talking back to judges and making excuses - that didn't help.

This was what happens when a bad rapper meets bad country. This was a terrible song choice, which he stupidly made when he could have picked any country song, and because of the twang in his voice - he could have sounded better than most. This was an utter mess. The only reason I ranked him so high is because it was country night and he is a country singer - and he sang better than the rest ... sadly. And shut your mouth Michael .. no one cares to hear your reasons why you think you didn't suck!

#9 - DANNY
How many times can I saw overrated? He was a MESS this week. The first half of his song was the worst singing of the night (well .. maybe not theres 2 hot messes under him). I hate that the audience loves him, I hate that he sang about Jesus taking the wheel, I pretty much hated all of this.

#10 - LIL
The other completely OVERRATED contestant this year fell flat on her face. This was BY FAR the worst performance of hers, and of any girl this season. This was terrible. If she doesn't land in the bottom 3 tonight - there will be no justice. She just doesn't cut it. Bland would be a compliment at this point.

#11 - SCOTT
Go. Home. Now. He cannot sing AT ALL. This was a joke. Honestly A JOKE! Worst performance of the season, this or any.


Now all that being said .. I KNOW america is STUPID and cannot hear the bile that spews out of Scott, Lil, and Danny's mouths .. so I am sure none of those 3 will be in the bottom three. No instead I predict it will be: Michael, Alexis, and Kris in the bottom three. Which would be a shame - especially on the Kris end of things. Although I dont know how safe Allison and my girl Megan are either. Who knows. All I know is that LIL or SCOTT should be gone tonight.

and sadly it will never happen

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