Monday, June 30, 2008

Shop til you drop

My favorite rocker chick Courtney Love, took a little tumble while shopping yesterday. Instead of calling a hospital or a cab to take her home, she asked a random guy to drive her home in a grochery cart. Courtney I thought you were off the drugs. Hope so!

Paris Pregnant

In other Idol news, season 4 (or 5 .. I lose track) Paris Bennett is pregnant and 19. Not married but with the baby daddy. I liked her alot, actually wanted her to win her season. I just hope shes okay, and wont be on celebrity rehab in a couple years. (In other news you've never heard, she actually had a self titled album released, and it was REALLY good, check it out)

I Smell Gay

Idol runner-up and headliner for the most boring stage presence concert tour, David Archelta today in an interview said he hasn't ever kissed a girl. He's almost 18 --- hmmmmmm. I smell gay. Wonder what he would have said if they asked him if he had kissed Ryan Seacrest .. now theres the question.

Show to see: Ain't Misbehavin'

The multiple Tony Award musical Ain't Misbehavin' premieres tonight at my workplace, Goodman Theatre, in downtown Chicago. I suggest you all go out and see it, its sure to be awesome. I am taking my good bud Eric Muller for his birthday, and couldn't be more excited - even though I am extremely tired. It is my recommendation of the week (of course my show Termen Vox Machina is also running this weekend, so you should see that too!) Extra special wishes go to Anderson Edwards, who is in the band for the show, and also works in my office!

An Oscar - no joke

Early reviews for the new Batman movie are flooding in, and the praise for the film is being slightly overshadowed by the praise for Heath Ledgers portrayal of The Joker. It has been said by not one, but 5 reviewers that Heath Ledger will be nominated for an Oscar for his role. "Unlike any performance in any comic book film ever, any action film ever." / "Heath Ledger has turned in his strongest work, sadly his last work." / "Don't be surprised if you hear 'and the winner is Heath Ledger this year"

Now the company behind the film is deciding whether or not to put Ledger in the lead actor or supporting actor catagory. I am hoping supporting, because the competition will probably be less fierce. I surely hope he does win, without even seeing the film. He was a fine actor, no an amazing actor, and his early passing still has me sad. I cannot wait to see this film.


My boyfriend Nicholas justr got his tonsils taken out, and sadly I cannot be with him, so I am writing this to wish him a safe recovery. I will be missing you! And waiting for you when you get back to Chicago! Much Love!!

Look out Arnold!

They are making a 4th Terminator film. Hey, thats not bad for me, I actually loved the 3rd one. It wont star the Governator Arnold, however it is going to star Helena Bonham Carter. She is signed on to play the villian!! That sounds AWESOME! I like her a lot (when she is not singing ... see Sweeny Todd - OUCH). This is a kickass piece of news. I dont watch the Harry Potter movies, but I believe she was a baddy in one of those too. God knows she looks scary enough.

Money Hungry

A little opera news for my recovering boy to read:
its sad though.
Since Luciano Pavarotti's death last year, his family has been reportedly fighting over his money. He has 4 children, 3 from one woman and 1 from another. It seems the one lone daughter is trying to get more than her share, and it has angered her 3 sisters and stepmother to no end, and now it is going to court soon. Thats so sad. How greedy can you get?!

Why would you admit this?

Posh spice, Victoria Beckham, has admitted that before marrying her husband, she used to date Corey Haim .... wait ... WHAT?! Sure Posh looks like an alien, but shes a looker compared to Corey Haim. And thats like B+ list hooking up with F- list. Anyhow she even goes as far as saying they never had sex, and that she wanted too, and he didn't. Wow.

Its NOT Over

Reguardless of what youve read here, there, or anywhere - Madonna's marriage is NOT over. Spokespeople for both the Queen of Pop and hubby Guy Ritchie have released statements saying that the couple has been going through troubles, but they are not splitting up, they are very much in love, and want to work through their problems and stay together. Good for them! I wish them they best of luck!

Daily Amy 2: Wax Figurine

Madame Toussands wax museam just revealed that their next addition will be a life size Amy Winehouse wax figure. Thats awesome! I wanna make another trip there and get my picture made with it. Reasons why they have decided to include Amy: "She is iconic on every level. She is an extreme talent, and an extreme personality. People just love her."

Daily Amy: Amy Winehouse kicked my ass

If you were wondering if Amy Winehouse would be sued for punching a fan in the face at this past weekends concert, never fear. The man who got beat is talking to the press, and hes not angry in the slightest. "I was not intentionally trying to touch her breasts or her hair, people were pushing to get to her, and i got pushed." He explains. When he was asked if he was okay he says: "I was just shocked and stunned moreso than hurt. She does pack a punch." When he asked if he was going to press charges he said, "No way. How many people can say that they have been punched by Amy Winehouse? I can." (Im sure some others can too) And finally when asked if he was still going to be a fan he said, "Of course, she was amazing live, I couldn't not be a fan of someone so talented."

I like this guy.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Daily Amy 2: The Punch heard round the world

Apparently the reason why Amy punched the living shit out of someone at her concert last night is because he reached out and touched her boob. I believe she has every right to punch someone for touching those platinum selling tits. :) Go Amy!


My blog has now been visited by people from 36 of our 50 states, Australia, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, and Germany! Thats awesome!! Thanks for coming - pass the info around to your friends, and keep coming back! Thanks so much!

Happy Pride!

Just wishing everyone out there a happy Gay Pride! The parade is today in Chicago. Instead of going, I am sleeping in and enjoying my last day with Nicholas before he must leave me to go home and get his tonsils taken out. Hope its a good one for everyone!

Its not over yet

Reportedly Guy Ritchie is flying to London from the set of his latest film in a ditch effort to work things out with his wife Madonna so that they do not have to divorce. This is good news. They have been together for 7 years and it would be so sad if they parted. Madonna apparently has a divorce lawyer, but maybe now things will be put to a halt today.

Daily Amy: The Glastonbury Brawl (from good to crazy)

So as expected, Amy did turn up at last nights Glastonbury festival. And it seemed that she was in amazing form just from the get-go. She looked amazing, maybe even better than yesterdays Nelson Mandela concert. She came out and greeted the audience with saying: "You don't even know how happy I am to be here tonight. I feel like they should make up a new word in the dictionary for happy, and have a picture of me there!" Some of her other one liners included: "It took three women to get me into this dress. What is about women? It takes us 'nuff time to get dressed, but pow, no time at all to get undressed." And after one song when the people in the front were just staring at her she said: "I didnt see none of you moving - and thats fine - but I do feel bad for the people you have to have sex with though." Then making a dig at her own small frame she said: "If one of my ribs pops out of my dress will someone grab it please? I will reward you kindly." LOL

Things started to go downhill however when she began to sing some of the heavier songs from the album. She began talking about her incarcerated husband, "My hubby is getting out in 2 weeks" It even got really deep, and odd, in front of hundreds of thousands of people when Amy went on to describe their relationship:
"I thought I'd die with the man, then I was torn apart from him. I'm serious, I'd never loved a white man before - then he came and hit me over the head with a cricket bat. Not literally, obviously." Now the Britain fans love their Amy Winehouse, but they do not like Blake her husband too much. They see him as her corrupter. Before him she had her head on straight - now not so much. So there was some booing. And Amy responded with: "Who booed? I'll find you, take your phone, and ring your mum about your bad manners." To which the audience erupted in laughter and applause. However Amy wasnt done fighting back.

First she oddly fought against rappers Jay Z and Kanye West. (Even though Jay Z had been praising her a day before)
"Let's hear it for Jay-Z. The man has got bollocks to come here, and play the tunes you don't even know you remember. Imagine if it was a cunt like Kanye West. 'Cunts like Kanye' - that should be his next album title." However I tend to agree with the Kanye comment, go Amy!

Now heres where things went horribly wrong. And sadly this will get all the press, and the fact that Amy Winehouse was diagnosed with early emphysema, was hospitalized for a week, has returned triumphantly to do 2 gigs this weekend, will take second seat to the fact that: yes, Amy Winehouse PUNCHED a fan in the face. Who knows why, what for, or how come? She went down into the crowd for Rehab, her closing song, and kept singing along as she just reaches out and punches an audience member what looks like two times. You can catch it on youtube linked below.

I am all happy and sad. But most of all happy - she made the gigs, and she sounded great, and looked great. Thats all I can ask for - the guy she punched must have deserved it. - Concert Start / Addicted - Love is a Losing Game / Me and Mr. Jones - Rehab (with the punch) - Amy Punches away - Youre Wondering Now

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Daily Amy: The Performances

I couldnt be happier to say that Amy Winehouse knocked it out of the park at yesterdays Nelson Mandella birthday concert. So you can enjoy it too, heres the links to her full performances!! Keep up the good work Ames. - Rehab and Valerie - Free Nelson Mandela with Soweto Gospel Choir

Friday, June 27, 2008

No love for Posh

Although Amy Winehouse was recieved with open arms at the Nelson Mandela birthday concert, not everyone was treated so warmly. When Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice) arrived via satellite to wish Nelson happy birthday, the crowd booed throughout her entire message. Wonder what she did? Dunno. They showed love however to Geri Halliwell who was also in attendance.

Daily Amy (again): Glowing reviews

The daily reporter has shot out the first review of Amy Winehouse's performance at this afternoons Nelson Mandela's birthday bash. Here it is:

A glowing Amy Winehouse bounced back from her recent health problems tonight to sing at Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday concert in Hyde Park tonight. The 24-year-old singer belted out renditions of her hit songs Valerie and Rehab in front of the 46,664-strong crowd in the capital. Dressed with her signature beehive and heavy black eyeliner in a cream and black mini-dress, Winehouse looking remarkably tanned compared to her pale demeanour a few days ago. She looked healthy and happy, and most exciting of all, she sounded wonderful. Following her performance, presenter June Sarpong said: 'She was looking really healthy and really brown too, huh?
'She looked fantastic. She pulled it out of the bag for Nelson's birthday, didn't she?"

now i wanna see some video!

Repo: The Genetic Opera

Put this on my MUST SEE list ..... for so many reasons.
Okay where to begin, here's the facts on the movie that I know:
* This is a horror/musical directed by the helm of the Saw movie franchise.
* It lists its inspirations as: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Saw, The Phantom of the Opera, Shock Treatment, and snuff films.
* The movie is based on a play that is written by the guy who plays the killer in the Saw films. It has been produced in London and was a hit.
* The plot is about a family of organ stealers, who work for a large government organ harvest.
* The films baddie is played by Anthony Stewart Head, who most of us loved as Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer!
* Sarah Brightman (yes the original Christine in the Phantom of the Opera) is in the film! This makes, as far as I know, her first film role.
* It also stars Bill Mosely (who is super creepy in both House of 1000 Corpses, and The Devil's Rejects) and Paris Hilton (yes, you heard it right) as evil brother and sister. Paris' character is addicted to plastic surgery and is said to have a different face in every scene. (she also sings all of her own songs)
* Early reviews at press screenings have been good. All the actors and singers have been getting good reviews, and for you gore hounds, its supposed to be disgusting.
* Its going through the final editing process and will be out later this year.


see more at (including the trailer, some pictures, and lots of early reviews!)

the new (and better trailer) is here:

RE: Music World; Paris is back

All you music lovers have reason to rejoice, Paris Hilton is working on her followup album to her debut "Paris Hilton". Shockingly yes. Okay putting the sarcasm aside --- I will admit I actually like about 4 or 5 songs off her album. So I don't mind this news. Heck I'd take a new Paris album over a new Lindsay Lohan album (and yes she is working on another one too)

Daily Amy 3: She made it!

This tiny little picture is the proof that Amy Winehouse is backstage at the Nelson Mandela birthday bash. She will perform in a matter of hours. Thank goodness shes there, and from the looks of it, she looks GREAT! Cannot wait for more pictures and hopefully videos that will roll in. She is set to perform original songs from her album, and then to close the show with the Soweto Gospel choir. AWESOME!

Daily Amy 2: Rehearsals

Amy rehearses again today before tonight's gig. And sources in Mandella's camp say that Amy should be the highlight.

"'This was the old Amy, and she is clearly keen to just get up on stage and do what she does. She sounded great and looked great!"

Amy was also excited about having a dressing room next to the show's host, Will Smith. "She was asking everyone where Will was at the rehearsal and can't wait to meet him tonight. She's a big fan."

Reports also came in saying that the reason Amy did not show up to the photo call for the concert, is she has scheduled a visit with her husband in prison for the same day, and would rather kept her commitments to her husband. That sounds like reason enough to me.

I wish I could be a part of the audience for this concert. Best of Luck Amy!

Coming Soon: Red Sonja

Director Robert Rodreiguez is joining up with his ace in the hole (actress and reportedly girlfriend) Rose McGowan. After they teamed up for the AWESOME Grindhouse with Tarantino, the new project is a remake of the cult hit Red Sonja! The origional Red was none other than model, turned actress, turned reality weirdo Bridgitte Neilson (whom i Love). And now McGowan will be stepping into the studded boots. I think this could be lots of fun!

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Love these images

More signs of sadness

Madonna was spotted today shopping in London - with no wedding ring on. And the rumors of her talking with a divorce lawyer just keep popping up. This makes me sad. Look how cute they are.

Worlds worst sex tape

First there was Paris Hilton, then the wrestler Chyna, then Screech, and NOW ... Mini me?? Yes Verne Troyer, the scariest midget Ive ever seen, has a sex tape that has been linked to the press. Now who wants to watch a primordial dwarf get it on? I think I would die. I do have a fear of midgets you know.

Political Dream

This is looking like a DREAM TICKET to me.

state of mind

I am so very just wiped out in so many ways. My show has really drawn a lot of me, more than usual. I have been acting and doing shows since I was 6 = but this one has really tired me out. Its been a long rehearsal schedule, and the set and stage is very hot, claustrophobic, and crazy!! Now dont get me wrong I LOVE THE SHOW - and I cannot wait for opening tomorrow (and our preview tonight), but my God I am tired. Kinda grumpy even. I dont wanna go straight to bed because I want to stay up with Nicholas as late as I can - because he is leaving soon, and I am gonna miss him. I just have had a rough morning where everyone has told me today what I am doing wrong almost all at once, and I have just almost had it. I am going 13-14 hours a day straight and then getting little to no sleep - and I just wanna have a good weekend, I have all these things lined up, and I just feel a little grumpy. I'll get over it though. Im a big boy and I need to stop whining. I love my show, i love my friends, and i love my boyfriend so much it hurts.

The Emmy Semi-Finalists

The Emmy committee has released the titles which have made it through the rounds of voting to go up for the final list of 5 nominees. Here they are, 5 will make it, 5 wont:

Curb Your Enthusiasm
Family Guy
Flight of the Conchords
The Office
Pushing Daisies
30 Rock
Two and a Half Men
Ugly Betty

- interesting choices. Desperate Housewives was shut out this year, nice. My final 5 would be: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Family Guy, 30 Rock, Ugly Betty, and Weeds

Boston Legal
Friday Night Lights
Grey’s Anatomy
Mad Men
The Tudors
The Wire

this has me happy. My final 5 would be: Damages, Dextrer, Mad Men, The Tudors, The Wire

Not easy being an Idol

It is not easy being an idol. If they are not doing crack and having babies (Jessica Sierra), going on celebrity rehab (Nikki McKibbin), artificially inseminating record heads (Clay Aiken), they are being dropped by their labels. Blake Lewis joins Taylor Hicks, Catherine McPhee, and Rueben Studdard as the idol alumns who have been dropped by their record labels.

Daily Amy: The Gig

Amy Winehouse showed up on time for her rehearsal on location for the Nelson Mandela birthday bash (picture on left). Those in attendance watching said she sounded fantastic, and seemed in good health. At her soundcheck she performed Valerie, Rehab, and a special version of Free Nelson Mandela with the Soweto Gospel choir. "The whole place stood still when she took to the stage - security guards, sound engineers, lighting people - everyone just stopped in their tracks to watch her perform. She is looking on top form." said an onlooker and festival organizer.
Meanwhile in Glastonbury news, the festival's other headliner Jay-Z, has invited Amy to form the ultimate supergroup with his wife Beyonce Knowles, Coldplay's Chris Martin and Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards. All of them will join onstage at once performing some super secret numbers. These rehearsals are being held behind closed doors.
ALL sounds great. The Nelson Mandela concert will be live on ITV ... whatever channel that is. If anyone gets that channel - tape this for me, and I will marry you :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Coming Soon: G.I. Joe the movie

SO Very excited to hear the news that one of my favorite cartoons growing up: G.I. Joe will be getting its big screen makeover. Coming in 2009 - G.I. Joe the movie - live action.

And look at the cast:

Brenden Fraser - Gung Ho (eh.. I dont like him)
Channing Tatum - Duke (hes cute at least)
Dennis Quiad - Hawk (perfect casting)
some other people
OH .. and
Sienna Miller as the Baroness (pictured left)
Joseph Gordon Leavitt as Cobra Commander

2 of my favorite actors - in this kids action film - PERFECT! Cannot wait!

Daily Amy 3: Drop it!

Amy was out and about today, stopping for a little shopping. Her skin looks great - however look in her damn hands. Mini bottles of whiskey! Amy - come on!! Well at least she has tea in her other hand to soothe her voice.

Don't go back to your old ways - just as youre getting better!!

Well thats nice

Barack Obama, in an effort to ensure my vote, is lending a hand to Hillary Clinton. He is asking that his fund raisers send in money to Hillary Clinton, to pay back some of the debt she has endured during the primary season. That is very nice. Now if he would only pick her as the VP nominee.

A new poll also shows that 86% of Hillary supporters now say they will vote Obama. And Obama leads McCain by 20% points in the national poll.

Idols in rehab

Life after American Idol can be tough. Just ask Jessica Sierra - I think she was on season 3 maybe. She was eliminated fairly fast, and since then has been busted for crack cocaine, smoking drugs while pregnant, arrested for beating a cop, and she also made a skanky sex tape and tried to sell it to the press. She has appeared on Celebrity rehab with Dr. Drew Pinsky. Obviously it didn't work because she is trying to get onto the second season of the show (Dr. Drew has said no).

However one of my favorite idol's ever, Nikki McKibbin (pictured) is on the roster to appear on season 2 of the horriby evasive reality show. Remember season one? Kelly Clarkson vs. Carrot Top (er Justin Guarini). Well Nikki was 3rd. She was the rocker who as the show went on everyone started to hate. I loved her (as I usually root for the underdog). She actually did release an independant cd about a year ago - that didn't go anywhere. But now it seems shes taken to some sort of drug. So tune into the show for her to be extorted for entertainment purposes. Oh well - I hope she gets better.


I used to love the apprentice, but it jumped the shark around season 3. However last seasons celebrity apprentice was tons of fun, and made me love the show all over again. It also finally bumped up the ratings again. I love listening to Donald scream even the most ordinary of sentences. I love shows with has been celebrities. And the 2nd season of the celebrity version seems to be shaping up quite well. Rumors are flying that 4 of the loudest mouthed women in the entertainment biz are cast. They include: Sharon Osbourne (one of my favorite women ever), Heather Mills (the chastity pariah of all media), Star Jones (one of my least favorite women ever), and Joan Rivers (my favorite alien). I hope this is true!!

Still pregnant

Just in case you were wondering - no the wonder twins have not been born yet. Pictures taken today show that Angelina Jolie is still preggers. Another reason Entertainment Tonight is full of sh*t - they reported she gave birth 2 weeks ago. Nope - still pregnant - still hot.

The showdown (averted)

Well we were so close to having a box office showdown - but alas one person's movie apparently sucks. Angelina VS. Jenn Again - whos movie keeps getting pushed back?

If you guessed Aniston - you're right. Her newest movie "Hes Just Not That Into You" was set to premiere alongside Jolie's "The Changeling" directed by Clint Eastwood. Jolie garnered some huge buzz for her performance at Cannes, can you smell an Oscar nom? (I can I can) However Aniston's movie has been pushed back again - which is never a good sign ... can you smell straight to dvd (I can I can).


BA-BAM! Lil Kim performed at last nights BET awards - LOOKING GOOD!!!!! She has got that body back in shape!! Too bad I missed it.

Color me Tired : My show

Just an FYI for any of you in Chicago. My new show: TERMEN VOX MACHINA opens this weekend. Saturday in fact (which is sold out unfortunately). It also shows Sunday at 7. And every week until the 3rd of August. Here's the schedule:

Thursday - 8:00
Friday - 8:00
Saturday - 8:00
Sunady - 7:00 (industry tickets available)

visit for more info
text TERMEN to 41411

.............................................................................................. i am so tired i could die - this show is why. so come enjoy why i am so restless and grumpy right now. its awesome!

Daily Amy 2: Helicoptered In

Amy (pictured left today) is looking much better. She looks healthier and her skin has cleaned up quite a bit - a sure sign that the drugs have cleared out of her system. She just finished a 2 hour rehearsal for her gigs this weekend, and Glastonbury just released a helping hand to Amy saying they would fly her into the festival by private helicopter, so that there would be no stress about traveling. People do love their Amy.

Daily Amy: Good and bad news

Amy Winehouse seems to be making some more moves towards health. She has been "covering herself in nicotine patches" so says he spokesman and her father. She has been drug free for over 2 weeks and has not smoked in 2 days - so they say. "Amy really wants to make it through these troubled times with her voice in tact" - her father said.

Amy was even allowed to go home and rest in her own bed while visiting with her parents and some family friends (the picture from the left is from that home visit taken yesterday). She did return to the hospital to continue drug treatment and rest - so she can be rested and healthy for her performances this weekend.

However with all of that - she missed the photo call for Nelson Mandela's birthday party. Every year he has this huge bash, with his favorite singers, and they all get together for press photos - and Amy was a no-show. I hope to God she makes it to the concert. As of now her people are saying yes to that and to Glastonbury. We will see.

GREAT news and BAD news for Madonna

So theres some AMAZING news, and some horrible news for Madonna this week. First things first, the good news. Her excellent new cd Hard Candy is still doing well on the charts - and in 2 weeks Madonna has already sold 1 MILLION tickets to the new tour, the sticky and sweet tour. She is playing only in stadiums - HUGE STADIUMS. So far she has sold out the following cities completely: Mexico City, Paris, Lisbon, New York, Zurich, Boston, CHICAGO, Denver, East Rutherford, Oakland, Las Vegas, Houston, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. The tour has already been extended, months before it has even begun. She already has the highest selling tour by any artist ever (her last tour in fact the confessions tour), and she looks set to beat herself. This is amazing stuff. (Its so awesome to think Madonna's first single: Lucky Star was released in my birth year of 1982 - and now I sit almost 26 and she still has a number one song, album, and tour - wow - staying power for sure)
Okay now the bad news. After months of rumors - The London Times has reported that Madonna and Guy Ritchie ARE in fact getting a divorce. Now thats sad. They have always seemed so happy - and so hot together. But alas its near its last moments. And they did not sign a prenup - so hopefully it won't get ugly. Guess you have to take the good with the bad.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Daily Amy: The show must go on

As for Miss Amy - the show must go on. Thats what shes said and thats what shes doing. She doesnt want to be known as someone who doesnt show up for gigs, so she WILL be performing Friday at the Nelson Mandela birthday party (*which Naomi Campbell has been kicked out of. She has been known in the past as being Mandela's honorary grand daughter, and has done lots of work on his charity. However with her latest legal woes, he has asked her not to be the MC that introduces acts*). Amy will also be performing at Glastonbury the following day. 100% so says her spokesman.

"Amy is continuing to get treatment however she will live up to her previous obligations and perform the festival and the birthday party for Nelson Mandela, which she is honored to be a part of. She is rehearsing as we speak, and sounds great, feels great, and want's to put on an excellent show for her fans."

Rumor has it Jay Z will be accompany Amy onstage for his remix of Rehab at the Glastonbury festival. He is a huge Amy fan saying: "She only deserves the best - because she is the best."

Spray on Condom

I read some freaky weird news. They have just developed a new condom - in a bottle. You read that right. All you do is spray the liquid latex onto your penis and allow it to dry for 25 seconds, then you go at it, and when youre done, you peel it off just like a normal condom. They say it will be a perfect fit for any penis, not too tight, not too loose, you can control what youre working with :) This all just sound 1) creepy and 2) frightening. What do you think?

I Kissed a Girl

One of my new favorite artists, Katy Perry, is having some major success on the US charts. She had a hit myspace single not too long ago Ur So Gay (which is wonderful and you should youtube the hillarious video). Her album "One of the Boys" has been released, and honestly theres not a weak song to be found on it. It was released to high sales, and landed at number 9 on the billboard charts. The big news however is her new single "I Kissed a Girl" just dethroned Coldplay's Viva La Vida as the number one song in America. Both songs are great, I couldnt compare the two - however congrats go to Katy. You should all check her out if you have a hot minute.

Mysterious and Spooky

10 Million dollars is being poured into an Adams Family musical for Broadway. It should be ready for the 2009-2010 season, and heres the best news of all: Bebe Neuwirth is signed on to play Morticia, and Nathan Lane is signed on to play Gomez. Can you smell HIT?!! I can I can!