Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rourke lands ANOTHER new gig

Today Mickey Rourke signed on for what could be his next shot at Oscar gold. He is signed on to at least 8 films in the next year .. all of which have huge box office potential, but most are action films or non-Oscar fare. However that may have changed today as he signs on for a very risky indie film, which is something Oscar loves to eat up. Paulo Coehlo's award winning and scandalous book "11 Minutes" is getting a screen revamp. He joins previously cast Alice Braga and Vincent Cassel in the film. Alice Braga plays the lead, a girl who swears off romance after being betrayed by a lover. She then somehow winds up as a high-priced hooker, with Cassel playing a music exec who gets her into S&M, and Rourke playing the manager of the sex club, who has hidden secrets of his own. The character in the book is very sympathetic although he runs what may be considered a "disgusting business". It promises to be another challenging role for Rourke. WONDERFUL!

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