Friday, March 13, 2009

The famous singer on the Idol groups

Okay so I found an article in which 4 "famous" superstars in music watch and critique American Idol singers .. no clue how famous they are when they have time to watch and critique AI, but oh well. Although they do not list who the celeb's are, they do give descriptions:

* Our first celebrity won a Grammy award last month, and has released 3 multi-platinum albums in their field.

* Our second celebrity is a Grammy award winning producer

* Our third celebrity is a dancer, choreographer, and song writer.

* Our fourth celebrity is a vocal coach who works with today's most popular musical groups

Here's what they had to say about Michael Jackson week:

* Lil did a great job with this song!
*This performance was way too shouty for me, almost to the point of being a very loud monotone.
* I normally don’t like songs that require the singer to change the gender of the lyrics, but it wasn’t so blatant with this song so I gave Lil a pass on that.
* I think the vocal could have used a little more grit, bite, and nuance, but her voice still commanded the song.

* It wasn’t the most exciting song ever but it got the audience up on their feet and Scott definitely connected with them.
* Scott didn’t give us a technically brilliant performance, but he made up for it with his moxie.
* He was obviously at home on the piano and did an excellent job!
* This certainly wasn't memorable in any way.

* Oh my. I didn’t like the beginning of this song at all. And it kinda threw me off for the rest of the performance.
* Danny’s performance, like Lil’s, was incredibly shouty and somewhat overrated.
* It got much better as he kicked into gear, but all I could think of as he “danced” around was Taylor Hicks.
* He really got into it, and his voice became rich, soulful, and powerful!

* Michael sounded really great.
* I like this song, but I didn't think it suited Michael's voice much at all.
* The performance was much better that I had expected.
* He was a bit breathy, but he did a pretty decent job with it.

* Her performance was very controlled but at times I felt like she didn’t quite hit the note she was looking for.
* Jasmine proved herself this week.
* Jasmine’s performance didn’t start off bad, but I got bored very quickly.
* I watched a teenage girl who, while poised, still seemed overwhelmed by the experience.

* There were some iffy notes in there and I didn’t love it.
* What exactly did that guitar add to the performance?
* Kris surprised me by coming out with such energy.
* Unfortunately, tonight, the band arrangement overwhelmed him.

* She did her thing, but it didn't do much for me.
* I thought this was the best performance of the week so far.
* I’m not quite sure what to think about Allison’s performance, but she definitely looked comfortable on the stage.
* I think the balance of the band and her voice wasn't as blended or powerful as it could have been, resulting in a performance that seemed slightly underwhelming to me.

* It just didn't work.
* Anoop gave such a weak, bland performance.
* It seemed like karaoke – good karaoke, but still karaoke.
* This is the worst performance of the night so far.

* Oh yikes, Jorge had some rough notes.
* This was a humongous letdown.
* It was a bit boring and awkward and a poor song choice.
* Jorge didn't have the ability to show his strengths as an artist.

* She was all over the place.
* I wanted to like someone as fun as Megan, but she needed to find a key and stick with it.
* She is infectious on the stage, and I like it.
* Well, you love her or you hate her, and I'm in the camp that really enjoys her quirky style and voice.

* I haven’t been the biggest Adam fan but I really liked his performance this week!
* I’ll say this was my favorite performance of the season so far
* So far over the top it was ridiculous.
* Adam is unquestionably the most charismatic performer on the Idol stage this year.

* He sounded good, didn’t blow me away but it wasn’t bad.
* Not the best of the week, not the worst.
* It was okay, but not great.
* Still, I felt like he let his voice take a backseat in the performance, which is unfortunate, considering he actually gave glimpses a rather good vocal performance.

* Alexis did her thing with it but it sounded like she ran out of breath at times, especially at the start.
* Alexis gave us enough reason to know the number 36.
* Not the best of the night, but certainly up there.
* Very over the top and uninpressive.

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