Thursday, March 26, 2009

Idol's Top 10 do Motown

Its Motown week for Idol, and I was dissapointed and a little let down overall. Here are my thoughts in full:

#1) ADAM
Leaps and bounds above everyone else, Adam did stand out this week and not for his appearance or his overt gayness, but for his voice. Although I prefer my Adam to be hyper sexual and sassy - I did like this performance. Was it as good as Ring of Fire? No. Not even close. But I admire him for switching it up. He is the real deal.

Making up for last week - Allison was so good she was almost my number 1. She stayed true to herself yet again - which I consistently love. She just doesn't have the whole package like Adam, but the package she does have is pretty damn awesome!

#3) KRIS
Yet again he is one of my favorites of the week. I wouldn't go as far as saying he is a favorite in the competition though. He's just someone that is consistantly above average. But in a group of awful singers, and people who are a bit up and down, he does stand out. I don't love his little faces, but I like his spunk.

#4) MATT
He stood up! YAY! I thought I would hate this when it started, another boring but talented piano performance. But then he moved away and performed. It wasn't the best of the night, and the constant falsetto does get old - but on a weak night, he was one of the best.

It was definitely not my favorite best night. I however cannot rank her any lower because she is an original. And although her pitch was all over, she still captured my attention in a way that no one but Adam did. She is tons of fun, she is cute, and she CAN sing. Tonight she didn't do herself any favors, but there were moments I really loved. I hope she makes it through, and can come back and win everyone over.

He is so damned boring. And so damned average. But he .. mostly .. sang in tune. It was the most boring performance of the season though. He might as well have just took a snore break. (the fact that he is this high shows you how awful some people truly were)

I think my dislike for him shows no bounds. He is pegged the winner - yet is always unimpressive to me in every way. And everyone slams Megan's dancing .. have you even watched Danny?! Vocally all over the place. Lots of screaming (yet again, people slam Adam for this, but Danny does just as much if not more, and his is much less pleasant to listen too). I just wish he would go away and go back to singing in the church choir.

#8) LIL
As overrated as Danny is, he can still sing. This is something that Lil has yet to prove. She is A DISASTER. Why they keep saying she is one of the best singers, I will never know. She hasn't proved it. She looked a mess, her wig looked straight from the dollar store. She screamed the whole song, looked like she was on heroine, and should leave now!

He just has no real talent. He's so below average that it hurts. I pray he is gone this week. He is a seat filler at best. And this was a terrible performance, even for him.

#10) SCOTT
As bad as Michael and Lil were, no one trumps Scott. He is just terrible always, and he only seems to get worse! I hope this is his swan song.


So I would put Lil, Michael, and Scott in the bottom with Scott or Michael going home. However I am predicting Megan, Michael, and Lil (I hope) are in the bottom with Michael going home. I will be so sad if Megan has to leave!!!!

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