Thursday, March 19, 2009

Alexis gone

Last night American Idol jumped the shark this season .. as if it hadn't already. In a singing competition with maybe only 5 good singers, 3 of which are unique and intriguing to me (that would be Megan, Adam, and Allison) .. they eliminated one of the best singers leaving a LOT of dead weight in the competition, most of whom were safe. It was Alexis who was eliminated over Micheal who was the other bottom feeder of the week. Granted, Alexis struggled on country night, but she has dominated otherwise (she was my favorite on Michael Jackson week, and in the first week of semi-finals). Along with her was Michael who has yet to impress me in any way, especially this week doing country which is supposed to be his thing. And that leaves Alexis out of the tour, so there will be only 3 girls touring, one of which is complete dead weight (Lil). Anyone who agrees that Alexis should go before: Scott (the blind guy who cannot sing in any way at all), Lil (who is an overhyped mess), Michael (who is unimpressive every time he hits the stage), Anoop (who turned in one of the worst performances in the shows history), and Danny (who is primed to win, yet hasn't proved to me that he is any good), is crazy. Sure Alexis wouldn't win, but she should never have gone home so soon. I hate America .. its official.

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