Thursday, March 19, 2009

Daily Amy: Back to Camden

Amy Winehouse got decked out last night and went, via cab, to Camden - her old UK stomping grounds. Friends and family feared Amy's return to the town where all her troubles began. Amy met up with a large group of friends and first stopped off at The Hawley Arms, one of her favorite pubs. After about an hour she went to her friends home to pick her up, went inside and came out in a different outfit. Then Amy and friends went to the closing night party of Sadie Frost's London play, where Amy knocked back some drinks and then went onto the stage for a singalong. She sang 3 songs, no clue what, but the audience ate it up. Apparently Amy was so loud that you could hear her on the street below where fans crowded to hear Ames sing the night away. At about 3 am, Amy left the bar, seeming happy and perhaps a little drunk but no weird behavior to report. Good girl. Know your limits.

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