Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol: Top 13

The top 16 on American Idol performed last night, and overall it was an entertaining show! The theme, Michael Jackson, which is tough to say the least. Here, in corralation with the photo I made above, are my rundowns from best to worst:

#1 - ALEXIS - She was a powerhouse! A surprise pick for my number one slot, I found Alexis to be the most entertaining and exciting of the night. I had almost forgotten why I liked her so much. The performance just built and built until it exploded just to do it again. Perfect song, perfect performance, I had chills.

#2 - ADAM - I am coming to think that Adam can do no wrong as a singer and performer. He did a great job of making this song his own. He sang with passion, emotion, and proved he is a threat in this competition. He was fantastic!

#3 - MEGAN - My favorite little songbird took on Rockin' Robin, and while some didn't like the song choice - I loooooved it. I could actually make love with the song choice if that was possible. Megan was adorable, sang great, and with the birdlike theme of the song, it allowed her to flap her wings and do her cute Amy Winehouse-like dancing. She is original, different, and wonderful.

#4 - ALLISON - Although she was not as good as when she sang Alone, she still was stellar! And leaps and bounds better than everyone under her. AND she sang my favorite Michael song - Give In To Me! She was great, and she stuck to what she does best. She's a rocker chick on this show with a chance to stick around!

#5 - MATT - He once again proved why I like him. He is a talented singer with a bluesy feel that I find different from the array of boring and robotic guys below.

#6 - KRIS - The big surprise of the night for me! He was actually good!! I now may be in the pro-Kris camp. Now, don't get too excited .. I don't really like him yet, however I knew I would like the 5 above, but I also knew I wouldn't like Kris, and he changed my mind. Good for him.

#7 - DANNY - Couldn't disagree more with Paula's comment that Danny's voice is one that you would know on the radio. I certainly wouldn't. Because there is nothing original about his voice. Its a good voice, sure, but very very bland. That's why he is so low here. He sang well, but kinda looked silly and screeched a bit. I just cannot buy into the Danny love.

#8 - LIL - Another person I will never be able to buy into is Lil Rounds. Sure, she can sing, but she didn't do herself any favors tonight. She was first of all a bore, and second of all not interesting in the slightest. The only thing I noticed about her performance, if I'm being honest, was her huge butt.

#9 - MICHAEL - I was sure he would have been my number 13. However, he sang in tune, and therefore beat out the losers who rank under him. It was NOTHING special or good though. Just in tune.

#10 - JASMINE - I do not know why she is in this competition. She sang a bit in tune, and a bit all over the place. All the while being boring. She should go home soon. Please. If I wanted to watch Mo'Nique I would watch the Parkers! (and I do, I love Mo'Nique)

#11 - SCOTT - Good god can you spell over hype. Scott IS NOT a good singer. He has never proved to me, in any round, that he is. Let's put aside the silliness, and put our hurt feelings aside from my negativity, and let me spell the truth: Scott is in this competition because he is blind! People feel pity or sympathy or what have you. And they completely turn a deaf ear to the fact that he cannot sing AT ALL. Its a singing competition! Not a piano playing competition (if it was, Matt would win that) or a scary gaze competition (which Scott would sail away with). I just wish a better singer was in his spot.

#12 - JORGEY - Wow. All I can say is that this makes Sanjaya look like Enrique Englasias. Well maybe it wasn't that bad, but there was nothing good to be found here.

#13 - ANOOP - This performance will go down in the books as one of the worst performances ever on American Idol. He is all of a sudden cocky, with nothing to back it up. He is a ridiculous performer and bad singer. And he should never have even been allowed in the top group. GO HOME!


Okay now that thats out of the way, here is the 3 I predict will be in the bottom 3:

obviously it should be Anoop, Jorgey, and Scott ... however I predict that:
Jorgey, Jasmine, and Megan will be in the bottom with Jorgey and Jasmine packing (which would also be great)!

But tonight theres a twist ... who knows whats going on?

tune in

#11 - SCOTT -

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