Friday, March 6, 2009

American Idol: Top 13

The top 13 (ugh) have been announced after last nights Wild Card show. It was a heck of a show. I thought there were some great performances: Meghan and Matt come to mind. Some average ones, and some boring ones (including the other 2 who passed on Jasmine and Anoop), and a disaster courtesy of Tatiana. I talked her up yesterday, and rightfully so. However she screwed herself over by singing the same song, a little worse, and being overtly crazy and cocky all at once. I still wish she had a slot, because the top group is so boring, but in the end, it was her own fault. I can only support the underdog for so long, and she did nothing to help herself last night. So I have to suck that one up, knowing she had no shot to win even if she was allowed in. However, I really hope that Meghan and Matt get rejuvenated in the top group with their second chance. Here is my rundown of the top 13 .. in the order of how I like them:

1) MEGHAN - She is the only contestant this year that truly excites me. Simon was right about her, in contest of somewhat boring and safe performers, who come off karaoke like, Meghan is a breath of fresh air. She's the only one with her type of voice, style, and attitude in the top 13. I desperately want someone like her to go far. She is current, she is likeable, and most of all her voice is something different. And in a competition where most people sound the same, I am so glad I have her to choose.

2) ADAM - The only real exciting guy this season. His voice is powerful and amazing, that aside - he is exciting. I will be curious and ready to see what he does every week. He may have the best voice, and certainly will put on a show. Thank God.

3) ALLISON - Although she is a bit annoying in interviews, this girl can sing her heart out. I have really only seen her perform once at this point, but if its any clue as to what to look forward too .. I am completely intruiged.

4) MATT - Thank goodness he is back in. I happened to like (most of) him the first week he was featured, and on Wildcard night he blew it out of the park. His voice is very bluesy, and not a copycat of the other boring guys. I look forward to seeing how he will handle the show.

5) ALEXIS - The only other singer that I deem interesting in the group. She's tiny wish a huge voice, she's soulful and stylish. I think she has a real shot at putting out some knockout performances.

---- just so you know its now like pulling at straws for me to finish the list---

6) LIL ROUNDS - She is boring, she is a copycat, there is nothing unique or exciting about her .. but she probably has the next best voice - hence why she is here.

7) DANNY - A very good voice, but so average sounding. And I find him boring as a person. I think people like him though, and he will probably go far. I, for one, couldn't care less.

---- OH MY GOD how do I choose now? ----

8) JORGE - I am picking him only because his voice sounds a little different, because of the accent. I do not think he is any good.

9) KRIS - I am putting him here because he is cute. There is nothing about him I find interesting or good in any way though.

10) ANOOP - I guess he can carry a tune .. I dont know.

11) SCOTT - His backstory and handicapp got him here, and thats awful because he is an average singer at the very best. But he plays piano, so he gets higher than the other 2.

12) JASMINE - WHAT THE HELL?! She shouldn't be here. I just hate her a little less than my last spot.

13) MICHAEL - He was one of the worst his week - and definitely the worst in this group.

What an overall letdown of a group. However I do feel VERY strongly about Meghan and Adam, and I like Allison and Alexis and Matt. So I will continue to watch.

Just because I like predictions, here's how I predict this season will go (sadly to say)

13 - Michael
12 - Jasmine
11 - Meghan
10 - Jorge
9 - Alexis
8 - Kris
7 - Matt
6 - Lil Rounds
5 - Allison
4 - Adam
3 - Anoop
2 - Scott
1 - Danny

I am basing this on, peoples backstories, how much people are talking about loving these fools, and how American Idol voters ALWAYS get it wrong.
if this happens, I will kill myself.

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