Thursday, July 31, 2008

Obama like Paris and Britney?

A new ad from the McCain camp is scandalizing television ads. He compares Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in the ad. Saying that he is a celebrity not a politician. Wow! I don't really get it. But what he doesn't know is that I would rather have Paris or Britney be president than John McCain - there's my ad.

Courtney Vs. Ryan - Round 2

Ryan Adams has finally responded to Courtney Love. If you didn't read the post from last week - Courtney posted on her myspace blog that Ryan Adams had stolen 858,000 dollars from her to make his album "Rock and Roll". She said he was a "fucking weasel", that "your album should have been entitled Piece of Shit instead of Rock and Roll", and that she promised to "get every fucking penny bacK" from him.

More info. has come out. Ryan Adams in fact did use one of Courtney Love's american express cards. The 2 actually dated, and she had given him the cards "solely for the use of him paying for trips and gifts they would spend on her daughter - Frances Bean". However, when the bills showed that he had spent them on his record - thats why she was angry.

Well today on his blog he posted the following:

I've been dealing with the truth that i have at times been a bad example and/or glorified self destructive behavior... Regardless of varied judgments as to my cultural relevance, i am thankfully alive and exercising my joy in creating... i've realized and accepted that if people decide to dislike me, they're going to find reasons to justify disliking me. there's nothing i can do about that. that said, it still does pain me to be accused of fictional crimes against innocents or to be implicated in romantic gossip involving the possibly reality-challenged—however unreliable the source or outlandish the accusations. in the end, however, i know that i have never done or even meant anyone any harm. anyway, the lives of public figures are so much more boring than anyone can imagine. honestly.


Daily Amy: Blake's breakdown

Amy's husband Blake is going through just as rough a time as Amy - well added to that he is in jail. Reports today surfaced that Blake has sought counseling within the lock up, and is suffering from a mental breakdown. He has served 9 months, and just got sentenced to 28 more months. He was arrested for possesion of GHB and then charged for trying to cover up the charge with a bribe. Reportedly he has flushed his system of all drugs, and misses his wife terribly. He is also said to be worried sick about her, that something bad will happen and he cannot stop it.


Toby Keith = Racist & Idiot

I almost cannot even believe this is true. I have hated Toby Keith all along. Since Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks thankfully spoke out about how big of a fool George Bush is, Toby Keith has represented the type of Republican I hate most (cause I hate them all really). He lambasted her by calling her an idiot, comparing her to Sadam Huessein, and telling her to shut her mouth. Then he made that song about America kicking every other countries ass - stupid. But now - he has gone insane. I am just going to post the lyrics to his new song ... so you can see for yourself.

"Well a man come on the 6 o'clock news
said somebody's been shot
somebody's been abused
somebody blew up a building
somebody stole a car
somebody got away
somebody didn't get to far yeah
they didn't get too far

Grandpappy told my pappy back in my day, son
A man had to answer for the wicked that he'd done
Take all the rope in Texas
Find a tall oak tree, round up all of them bad boys
Hang them high in the street
For all the people to see

That Justice is the one thing you should always find
You got to saddle up your boys
You got to draw a hard line
When the gun smoke settles we'll sing a victory tune
And we'll all meet back at the local saloon
And we'll raise up our glasses against evil forces singing
whiskey for my men, beer for my horses

We got too many gangsters doing dirty deeds
too much corruption and crime in the streets

It's time the long arm of the law put a few more in the ground
Send 'em all to their maker and he'll settle 'em down
You can bet he'll set 'em down...

Grandpappy told my pappy back in my day, son
A man had to answer for the wicked that he'd done
Take all the rope in Texas
Find a tall oak tree, round up all of them bad boys
Hang them high in the street
For all the people to see"

This song is from his new album called "Southern Comedy"

What a racist fool!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Don't Forget

Don't forget how amazing this woman is.

Shock Value 2

Superstar producer Timbaland is working on a followup to his hugely successful Shock Value album, with the hits Apologize, The Way I Are, and more. He has compiled quite a list of guests singers, saying the album will sound like a better bigger version of the "Now Thats What I Call Music" albums. The artists named so far are: MADONNA, Jay-Z, Rhianna, Beyonce, and T-Pain.

Sign me up!

Being Ludacris

Has-been rapper Ludacris has released a song called "Politics: Obama is here". It praises Obama and hates on John McCain and Hillary Clinton. Some of the "lyrics" include:

“Hillary hated on you, so that b—- is irrelevant. … McCain don’t belong in any chair unless he’s paralyzed. Yeah I said it cause Bush is mentally handicapped. Jesse talking slick and apologizing for what? If you said it then you meant it how you want it have a gut. Bush ball up all of his speeches and I throw ‘em like candy wrap, cause what you talking I hear nothing even relevant and you the worst of all 43 presidents. So get off your ass, black people, it’s time to get out and vote. Paint the White House black and I’m sure that’s got ‘em terrified."

sounds like a horrible song. But he is a musician and should be able to say whatever he wants too - even if its horribly written.

The Obama campaign has called the song offensive.

Daily Amy (again): Delivery

This is kinda creepy. Amy got a special delivery at her door today at her Camden home. A vat of blood. Pictured left. Why was Amy being delivered a huge supply of blood? Your guess is as good as mine.

Get well Amy - love Brigitte

Brigitte Nielson has been making the rounds lately, she just had full body plastic surgery on television, she's posing for playboy in december, and now she is giving out advice to Amy Winehouse. "I feel for Amy Winehouse. I too was an addict, and it almost killed me. It made me ugly, a terribly mother, and a terror to be around. If she doesn't get help - she will die."

Well Brigitte thanks for the upbeat attitude.

The new Catwoman?

Terrrrific news! Angelina Jolie is being courted by a movie studio to play Catwoman. (Word isn't known if this will be a Christopher Nolan Batman sequel or a spin-off movie). I think no one can top Michelle Pfieffer. BUT Angelina is one of my favorites. Maybe she can do something similar to Heath where he did something completely different from Jack Nicholson's performance. I hope its a Christopher Nolan film, but if it is a spin-off I would like that too. Its almost like what the did with the Hulk, it was terrible, they remade it again - it did great. I think Angelina could make people forget the terrible excuse of a movie Halle Berry made. Anyhow - I hope its true, Angelina would make a sexy Catwoman!

Daily Amy 3: Drugged?

This is disconcerting. Amy Winehouse's father Mitch put out a statement today saying that he believed his daughter had been drugged this past weekend, which caused her seizures and trip to the hospital.

"I will find the 'pal' of Amy's who put the ecstasy in her drink, drugging her. This is all out of control. Leave Amy alone! If she continues to have friends who will slip drugs into her drinks, she will never heal."

I don't want to make her dad seem like a bad guy, I know what hes going through has to be tough. But come off it - Amy is an addict. Although her friends are bad influences, she is doing it to herself. Stop focusing on her friends, and focus on her. She is in desperate need of help.


As I posted earlier this week, Foxy Brown is being sued for not writing a book she was paid for by a publishing company. However Foxy now is saying she owes them nothing. She says she had cancelled the book deal, and they knew it. She was in the hosiptal with fears of going deaf, and cancelled the project - so she says. (I suppose the deaf cannot hear or write according to her) Anyhow there's one major flaw ... in the liner notes of her disasterous last cd "Brooklyns Don Diva" she lists her upcoming projects: A 2 disc cd, a fashion line, and a book called "Black Roses" - the same book that the company is suing her over. So if she had cancelled this, why is it there in the liner notes? She can't cover her tracks - foolish.

Daily Amy 2: Amy and Pete

Babyshambles singer, british druggie, rocker, and tabloid junkie Pete Doehrty spoke out about his friend Amy Winehouse. He said:

"Its heartbreaking really. She's not been married a year, and her husband is locked up. Its a lonely life, being a celebrity. And the papers constantly hound her. I feel sorry for her, and I love her. But for her health - I am staying away."

Good! Basically he just admitted to being a druggie, but at least he is keeping him and his drugs at a distance from my Amy.


Denise Richards and Heather Locklear do not get along. The reasons, Im sure you know. (If not ... Heather was dating rocker Richie Samboura. Her best friend was Denise Richards. Fast forward a bit and Denise is dating Samboura and Heather is left in the dust .. ouch)

Denise Richards E show "Its Complicated" has been doing surprisingly well. AND its found a fan in Heather Locklear. She recently said this in an interview: "I love the show! Its a riot! Denise looks like a total idiot!!" BAM!!!!!!!!!!

Stand by your woman

Guy Ritchie recently told Australian press (he is out there shooting a movie) the following:

"My marriage is fine. All the talk can die down. I love my wife with all my heart. And I am behind her, with her, and in love. And thats it on the subject."

Good for you. Good for them.

Didn't she learn the 1st time?

Britney Spears is reportedly filming a new reality show. Her rep says "Britney sees this as the way to give her comeback a kickstart." Hmm. I could think of better ways. And lets not forget her last foray into reality was "Britney and Kevin Chaotic" .. which entailed her relationship with Kevin Federline post insane-Britney time. And it did nothing for her career but help destroy it. But that being said ---- I bet I'll watch.


There's a battle brewing between 2 pop sensations. Miley Cyrus Vs. Katy Perry! Here's what went down.

Katy Perry (jokingly) suggested to an interviewer that she would be reinacting the famous Madonna/Britney kiss during her performance at the MTV Music Video awards - with Miley kissing her.

Well Miley didn't find the humor. She responded with: "Uhm no thanks! She sang on my record, you know only doing harmonies and backgrounds. Not its like she's trying to get back at me."

Well Katy took it to another level by responding, via perezhilton, with: "6 weeks at number 1 Miley. 6 weeks." BAM! That of course is talking about her rocking single "I Kissed a Girl" which has sat at the top of billboards song charts. Miley's newest single debuted low and is dropping off slowly.

However if you wanna play it fair, Miley's album was released last week and sits atop the charts at the number 1 spot - and its the highest debuting album of the year for a female artist. Ouch.

Daily Amy 1: Guess Ads

Pictured is some of the early shots from the Guess ads that have been inspired by Amy Winehouse. The bee-hives and the black eye liner are all there, are as the short shorts with the red belt. I think Amy rocks it more, but its cool anyhow!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Godfather and $$

I love this couple - Angelina and Brad of course. I honestly think they may be the most gorgeous and powerful couple Hollywood has ever seen. And theres 2 big news stories about the hot twosome today.

* Brad and Angie have chosen the godfather for their 2 newborn children. And its Bono. Why couldn't it be me I ask?

* At the birth of their first biological child, Shiloh, Angie and Brad sold the rights to first photos of the new family to people magazine for 6 million dollars. They took 100% of that money and donated it to a charity in honor of their childs birth. Now thats giving back! The couple has planned to do the same with the birth of their 2 twins. Currently they are looking for the magazine with the largest offer - so they can in turn pay the charity the larger ammount of money. However InTouch magazine used some highband cameras to secretly get some shots of the twins (although you can barely see them, they are wrapped in blankets). So Brad and Angie are suing, for 2 million dollars. They plan to give the money from the lawsuit - along with the reported 10 million dollars (which has been offered for the twins pics) to charity.

Hollywood could learn a lot from these two.

Most Stylish

Vanity Fair has listed its top 10 most stylish celebrities of the past year, and some of my favorite people were included! Here's the list.

1- Carla Bruni (France's 1st lady)
2- David Beckham
3- Angelina Jolie
4- Daniel Craig
5- Kate Middleton (Prince Williams girlfriend)
6- Sara Jessica Parker
7- Tilda Swinton
8- Brad Pitt
9- Michelle Obama
10- Amy Winehouse

Amy!! Tilda!! Angelina!! Yay!

A star studded Oscars

Let me first say I loved the Oscars last year. The 4 winners were finally all 4 deserving. Plus you give Tilda an Oscar and I love you forever. But last years broadcast was the lowest watched in Oscar history. So you can bet your ass this years Oscar festival will be star studded. And with the absolutely breathtaking performance by Heath Ledger in Batman, he will surely be rewarded even in death. My prediction is that he will not only be nominated but win. That is sure to draw viewers who loved the film, and who love his outstanding body of work. That added on top of the A list stars who are quite popular are doing stellar work and also sure to be nominated: Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, etc etc. I think this years Oscars will be quite an event.

Color me BORED

Oh this news is so boring to me. Tim Burton released info on his next project. A version of Alice in Wonderland starring - you guessed it - Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter. And rumors of his wife Helena Bonham Carter as the Queen of Hearts. ENOUGH ALREADY. I enjoy some of Burtons films, I enjoy some of Depp's acting - but I am sick of the two of them together. SO SICK. Their latest 2 ventures, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Sweeny Tood were AWFUL in my book. I hated nearly everything about both films. And I wonder if Burton can do a film without Depp anymore, and if Depp can do anything good with Burton again. This doesn't sound much better. I can already imagine what the movie will look like, how Depp will play the role, and how bored I will be. I am gonna skip it, and instead go and see Lewis and Carrol's Alice and Wonderland directed by Marilyn Manson starring himself as Lewis Carrol and Tilda Swinton as the Queen of Hearts - now THAT sounds exciting. This is just boring to me.

Daily Amy: Back to the Hospital

In a way I am glad I don't blog at night, because last night I would have been frightened for Amy Winehouse's life. My favorite singer and performer has just been released from the hospital. An ambulance was rushed to her house last night in the wee hours of the morning. A large plastic sheath was covering paparazzi from taking photographs as Amy was taken from her home and put into an ambulance. Some feared maybe she had passed away or was unconscious. However, thankfully, she was not. She was taken to the hospital, because she was having seizures. She was released after a 12 hour stay. The doctor's report sounds scary:

"Amy was treated for a seizure. The reason behind the seizure was that Amy's body was rejecting medication subscribed to curb drug dependency. She did not OD, and did not have illegal drugs in her system. Unfortunately every addicts body is different, and some medication does not take. This one did not, and Amy has been taken off of it. We are now looking for the next best medication to help Amy curb her addiction."

Yet again - scary news.
But Amy is back home, and this photo was snapped of her a couple hours after her return. She was silently sitting in her window sill and looking at fans and photog's who were lined out of her house wishing her well. She didn't wake, she didn't speak.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Courtney Love has revealed how she has lost such a dramatic ammount of weight. When she went drug free 3 years ago, Courtney gained quite a bit of weight. She wasn't fat, but she was bigger. Now - she is waif thin. Constantly wearing designer couture gowns, which are made for sizes smaller than a normal person. Courtney says the reasons she lost so much weight - and is keeping it off - is because of diet and exercise and being hypnotized by Paul Mckeena, author of the book "I Can Make You Thin". Whenever she was wanting to binge eat, she would go to the doctor for a hipnosis.

However she does look too thin now. A report put it well: "Courtney is an addict. Now she is addicted to being thin, which is also bad for you."



The mummy of King Tut -- er uh .. John McCain, has now taken a lead over Obama in the USA Today Gallop poll. He leads Obama 49-45. BOO! He better not win.

Pick Hillary Obama!

I smell a stinker

Whereas Batman still ruled the box office this past week - a big bomb stunk up on the big screen. The new X Files movie came in 4th place (behind Batman, Mamma Mia, and Hellboy II) with a measley 10 million dollars. Compare that to the 242 million in 3 days Batman made. It's kinda sad because I did enjoy the series somewhat. But I don't really see where the demand for this movie was. Kinda sad.

* On a good note I saw Hellboy 2 this weekend, and enjoyed it muchly!


After being arrested in my home of Chicago for being drunk in a Walgreens, Shia LeBouf was arrested again yesterday when he was caught drunk driving in LA. He actually was in an accident and FLIPPED HIS TRUCK OVER! Thankfully he, or no one else involved, was hurt. Come on Shia - don't go down that path. Youre too talented ... and cute.

Its Complicated

Things are getting complicated for Denise Richards (star of Wild Things, Starship Troopers, Drop Dead Gorgeous, and thats it). Her ugly divorce and custody battle with Charlie Sheen just gets uglier by the week. The only good news for Denise is that her E reality show "Its Complicated" has been doing relatively well and has been offered a second season (which surely she will take). --If you haven't seen the show its HILARIOUS. I don't think it makes Denise likable by any means, but definitely full of herself and funny--

Anyhow the divorce and custody hearings took a dramatic, disgusting turn, this weekend. Denise appeared before the judge and said she MUST have full custody of the children. Why? Because Charlie has been molesting her two young daughters (both under the age of 6). NOW - this is of course all allegedly. And honestly, who is going to believe that?! I certainly hope it isnt true, and its nothing to joke about if it is. However I tend to believe that it isn't true and Denise is desperately trying to hold onto her kids, by doing it by whatever means necessary. If this is true -- Charlie Sheen should be locked up. However I believe its not true - and Denise should be ashamed.

The Bitch is Back

Rosie just can't leave television. News today reports that she is in dealings with NBC for a primetime (perhaps late night) chat/variety show of her own. It sounds an awful lot like her previous chat show from the 90's (which I absolutely loved). She is planning it to be "her version of the late night Johnny Carson show". I think that sounds exciting. Rosie is loud, annoying, often obnoxious, but I like her! I tend to agree with her politically as well. But it will be nice not having her to share stage time with idiots like on the View. So I for one, would watch. However I don't know if theres an audience out there for Rosie anymore. We shall see. All it says is, coming soon.

Coming Soon: Robocop

He's baaaack! Yes ladies and gentlemen, Robocop will be making a return to theatres next year. Now before you moan and groan about remakes (I know theres waaay too many), this one is noteably exciting. The director of the project is: Daron Aronofsky, one of my favorites. In case you don't know, he directed the AWESOME Requiem for a Dream a couple of years ago. SO that alone makes me excited about this one.

Daily Amy 2: A Bad Night

After a string of successful festival performances, Amy seems to have reverted to her partying ways this weekend. But things got extremely out of control, moreso than they ever have as far as I know in public, and I am extremely worried. I don't like blogging bad things about Amy, but I just want her to get better. And if she keeps this going, she's not gonna have a career anymore. She went out last night around 1 am, and was in grand form, chatting sweetly with fans and reporters. She looked good and seemed great. She was with 2 friends, and 3 security guards, whom she also calls "close mates". They entered a pub in Camden, and when she left about 2 hours later, thats when the trouble began.Coming off of a string of sucessful She burst out of the door looking like another person completely. Her makeup had worn off, she looked as if she had been crying, her eyes glazed over, and she was yelling. Onlookers said they didn't want to be around her, or even see her in such a state. Her friends and security followed her out, and Amy began running as fast as possible up and down the streets screaming inaudibly. She came back to the front of the bar and punched the grate covering the window of the store beside the bar. She punched it so hard she immediately bruised her hand, and one of her fingernails ripped out, she was bloody and angry. She they punched one of her security guards in the back of the head and began yelling at her friends. She then slumped down onto the street into a ball and started crying hysterically. Everyone left her alone, except of course for the paparazzi who took pictures of her in a terrible state. Finally her security came over to her and began to apologize, crying and saying she was sorry. Onlookers an reporters have quoted her as saying such statements as: "I am so sorry." "Forgive me. Forgive me everybody." "Where's Blake? Where's my Blake" Then she would sporatically get up and be angry all of a sudden yelling "Fuck you you asshole" to a reporter or an onlooker or her security. Finally she was carried by a security guard into her limo as she continued crying and yelling to anyone who would listen.

She was then photographed entering her house with a bruised hand, a bloody shoe, tears, and her makeup almost completely off from crying so hard. Here are some pictures of the fateful night:

Recieving the news of her weekend, her husband Blake contacted Amy's father, Mitch, and told him: "When I get out I am taking Amy way from London. We are moving to the country. This has to stop. I have to save her."

Her father gave an interview this morning saying simply that: "Amy is doing fine"

Daily Amy: 2 million and hour

How much would I love to make a quarter of what Amy Winehouse makes in an hour. Amy was offered 2 million dollars to play a special private concert for Prince Aziim in Dubai. He is a huge fan of Winehouse and her music. Despite saying that after she completes her last festival gig in August, that she was taking 6 months off of live performing to focus on a new album, she is going to take this gig. The reason? She plans to give her husband the money when he is released from jail, saying the money would "give him a new start on life."

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sued Part II

Female rappers and constant enemies, Foxy Brown and Lil Kim, were sued on Thursday over books they never delivered to a New York publisher that were paid for in advance. Apparently the Simon&Schuster book sellers paid 75,000 to Lil Kim and 40,000 to Foxy Brown for two seperate books, but the books were never delivered. Brown was paid in 2005 to pen an autobiography called Broken Silence by February 2006, and Lil Kim was paid in 2003 for a novel due June 2004. Now he publisher now wants its money back, and has filed two separate lawsuits to recoup the advances. Uh oh. You know I love Lil' Kim, and don't really like Foxy at all. But this is bad news for both of them. Oh well Lil' Kim should have no problem paying it, her last album ranked in the top 10 on the billboard charts, whereas Foxy Brown's last album debuted at #155. Haha.

Big Brother - Rankings

So another week goes by and my 2 favorite are still around: Renny and Keesha. And best of all Kessha is HOH and they are in an alliance! So both safe another week.
For fun, heres my thoughts on everyone, and how I would rank the remaining house guests:

#1 Renny: She is the funniest, most likable person in there I think. And she could turn out to actually be a good game player, although she had a rough first week. She can win a fight with the best of them, which is also fun. She is well on her way to becoming my favorite person ever in this game.

#2 Keesha: She is using her heart a lot, which could hurt her, but I love her so much! And I like that she is always taking up for the underdogs, and that she hates April and Libra. If she plays her cards right, she could go a long way, I hope!

#3 Jerry: He has his downsides I agree. He needs to be playing a stronger game on his own, especially during his first week as HOH. However I cut him some slack - hes 75, and he's hanging in well. Plus he yelled at Libra.

#4 Dan: He is a loud talker in the diary room, but I think he's pretty funny, and now sits in a very good position. I find so many of them annoying, so its nice to have someone calm and reserved. He seems nice. And my boyfriends Catholic, I guess that could be why I like him.

#5 Memphis: We don't know too much about him, just that he is a smart game player - which I like, and the fact that he doesnt cause much drama, and is chill, and cute, I also like. He's not on my side of the house that I want to win, but I like him still.

#6 Ollie: His main flaw - that he likes April. (And apparently has now had sex with her twice, naughty naughty preachers boy). But that put aside, hes actually so far quite likable. No reason to dislike him ... yet.

#7 Angie: Although she is alien-like, and she is hardly ever shown, shes okay. Just ok. I don't really know how I feel about her yet.

#8 Michelle: She may be one of the most unattractive people in the house, and her hair is out of this world. However my biggest flaw with her is that she has a crush on Jessie. Whew. That to me spells whore. She hasn't really done anything yet - except not use the veto last week - but I have a feeling I am not going to like her.

#9 April: Annoying as the day is long. And super scary without makeup. Honestly anyone who has a showmance, and thinks they love someone in the house, I hate. She is no exception. Plus she is jealous of how pretty Keesha is.

#10 Jessie: Its all about him him him. Or at least thats what he thinks. I think his muscles are disgusting, he is ugly (inside and out), he is annoying, and an idiot. Plus I would love to see Renny be the one to get him out. He is childish, immature, and all out a dunce. Please go home soon.

#11 Libra: Oh how do I already hate her - let me count the ways: She is loud, pointless, thinks she is controlling everything, yet everyone hates her. I hope her days are numbered soon - this week I hope.

Coming Soon

WOW WOW WOW! This is gonna be awesome! They are re-making Red Sonja (which originally starred Governor Arnold and Brigitte Nielson) starring Rose McGowan and directed by Robert Rodriguez. The awesome director promises: "Piles of bodies, blood, guts, and fun"

Uh .... SIGN ME UP!