Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Case for Tatiana

Okay so the Wildcard show is tonight, and I am very excited about it. The obvious choice to me of who should go through is Meghan Corkrey, who I think has the total package. HOWEVER, I think it is important that the 3 chosen be 3 people with solid voices, who can actually sing! This is afterall a singing competition. So who better to chose than Tatiana Del Toro? WHAT THE HELL - you may be thinking. But hear me out - this crazy bitch CAN SING! I think as far as the powerhouse "diva" type girls this season (Lil Rounds comes to mind) .. that Tatiana has the best voice. She can belt, and sing on key. And for this season - that should mean youre on. Added onto that shes a hot mess! And in a fun way now!!! She makes better ratings, for sure. And she makes the competition more competitive. PUT TOTS IN, I SAY! If you know whats good judges, you will include her for 2 reasons: 1 her voice, 2 her drama. AND I love that her "backstory" is that she loves to sing .. no sob story, no kids, no blindness, just desire. Reward it. Come on.

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