Monday, September 29, 2008

Rock On Joe

HE is going to KILL Palin!

I Love Jack Cafferty

I didn't know who Jack Cafferty was until today.
Now - I love him.
Watch him rip Sarah Palin a new asshole

Sexy Picture

Heather Locklear just got her ass arrested over the weekend in California - for what you may ask? A DUI. Come on people .. hire a driver.
This is a CA-RAZY mugshot though - gotta give her that. WHEW. She looks a hot mess

Don't get your hopes up

Here is the clueless hockey mom talking about her excitment about the Vice Presidential debates, which will be on Thursday. She pokes fun at Joe Biden, even going as far as saying that he was old and that she listened to his speeches when she was in the 2nd grade. So I suppose her great grandmother listened to McCains? Anyhow - here is the putrid bitch:

Tina Fey Nails Palin again

Oh this one is even better than the first.
Here's Tina Fey's take on Sarah Palin again!

Daily Amy 3: More Awards

As Amy Winehouse's personal life continues to deteriorate, her music career continues to grow. She is still selling amazingly well in the UK, and was just nominated for 2 MTV Europe Music Awards. She was nominated for Best Act of 2008 and Best Female Artist. I surely hope she wins both. The nominees included:

Amy Winehouse
Britney Spears
Leona Lewis

Amy Winehouse
Leona Lewis

Daily Amy 2: WTF Dad?!

This may be the worst news I've heard lately in the Amy Winehouse saga. As she was put on a suicide watch last night - guess what her father Mitch Winehouse was doing? Well, before I go into it, I will say in the past Mitch has seemingly tried his hardest to take care of his daughter. He has tried to put her into rehab numerous times, and was seen by her side frequently through some of her troubled times. He has issues many letters to the press about his daughter, and has seemed to show great care. However I feel all of that may be erased now - because last night (as his only daughter was put on suicide watch) he performed live in concert in a 300 house theatre in London singing covers of Frank Sinatra songs. WHAT THE HELL??!! Get your priorities right dad!! The only reason anyone would have ever cared to see you sing live in person, is because of the fame of your daughter. And when she needs you most - you're out trying to gain more fame??! This is sickening. I hope he feels awful.

Daily Amy: Suicide Watch

Amy Winehouse has been put on a 24 hour suicide watch. She is still at her home, surrounded by friends (who are appointed - therefore no drug use) and being checked in on by doctors around the clock. Friends are horribly worried saying: "Amy has never been as fragile as she is right now. She has been through hell and back, and I know were all worried."

My thoughts go out to Amy - and I hope and pray she gets better.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Latest Review on No Darkness

Another review has popped up for my show NO DARKNESS ROUND MY STONE still playing (for 2 more weeks) at Trap Door Theatre. Here it is:

No Darkness Round My Stone

One of the big draws of Trap Door for me is their ability to regularly pull work that no one else seems to have even heard of out of thin air. I may not always end up, and somewhat frequently don't, feel the same way about the final product, but their season announcements are often among the more exciting ones in the city. And when they do hit on something, the result is not only the pleasure of a good show, but also the thrill of discovery.

They've unearthed two such thrilling discoveries in No Darkness Round My Stone: playwright Fabrice Melquiot and director Max Truax. Melquiot falls under that biggest heading that Trap Door has the corner on: contemporary European edginess. This young French surrealist is making sense of life and death and sex by refusing to handle them separately. The fractured and obtusely resplinted narrative tracks a family as they relive their carnal tragedy beyond the grave while a living soul looks on with growing and frightening envy. The most unsettling aspect of the play is that Melquiot has hoisted a world in which every character can reach two of those three, but only burns with necessity for the third. In this tomb, the living and the dead can be one in the same but do so with a torturous desire for passion. Or the living can have a love which is of no use as long as death stands in its way. And while the dead may repeat their passions, they cannot carry this desire to the endpoints they never reached before having been torn apart by both life and its conclusion. With Melquiot, however, the longing for cannot overcome the tragedy of the not having, and so the cycle is endless: the dead continuously recycling their sorrows which have no hope of changing while the living can only look on green-eyed to the inevitability that they cannot hope to find in their own existence.

This is all achieved through the guidance of the other discovery. Max Truax, a recent refugee from the West Coast, is, mark my words, about to be a name on everybody's Windy City lips. As far as I am aware, this is his second major production in Chicago, after Oracle's Termen Vox Machina, which, if not always entirely successful, was deliriously high effect via low budget. It seems to be Truax's m.o. -- take a little and make it feel that much more inclusive. From the overlap in cast & crew between Termen and No Darkness (Casey Chapman, Cassandra Kaluza, David Steiger), I'm guessing he either came to town with posse in tow or is very rapidly going about forming one to call his own. Either way, he's picked good people, the acting is fantastic. Sam Lewis and Jesse McCabe's sound combo of twisted standards and atmospheric murmurs firmly places the world into a flashback without a history and Ewelina Dobiesz's set gives Trap Door and even more pronounced tomb-like claustrophobia -- a feat I didn't think possible. And then there's Truax, who makes people disappear with the simple action of falling down; who brings our sympathies with the tragedy of and after death to a peak and then immediately tops it by underscoring the pathetic existence of those still living; who uses actors to block lights in the name of shadow but also in the name of darkness; who has a whirlwind rising from the empty well that is mortality right now at Trap Door.

Highly Recommended

That Sinking Feeling - Paul Rekk

Daily Amy: In Her words

Amy Winehehouse actually sat down for a quick interview with a London newspaper backstage at her disasterous impromptu gig last week. She was singing with her goddaughter Dionne who is trying to start a record career. Amy opened up about her life as of now, and honestly - this all makes me want to cry. Here is what Amy said word for word:

“This isn’t a life – I’m a mess. When I look at Dionne she reminds me of myself. I used to be this little girl who liked Celine Dion and singing, this beautiful sweet girl with innocent dreams. Look where I am now. Look what happened to my dreams. This isn’t a life – I’m a mess, look at me. But this girl has everything ahead of her. She’s so beautiful and she reminds me so much of myself. This beautiful happy girl, she is so much like I used to be. I don’t want to leave her alone. I can’t believe what has happened to me. I am so sad. Dionne doesn’t have a boyfriend, she doesn’t have a Blake to mess her up. She’s sweet and should stay like that. What life do I have? My life begins when Blake gets out of prison. He is my life, I want to see him. I was more nervous about the gig than Dionne. I couldn’t even leave the house without her. It was so emotional being on stage with her. I got so upset I started crying and had to drag her off. I love her. She’s fucking amazing. I am just fucked up, and I cant apologize enough for that."

Friday, September 26, 2008

TV Ratings Down (most)

So this past week lots of favorite television shows had their premieres - well it seems people didn't show up to watch them. Grays Anatomy was down a shocking 18 percent from last year. The Office was also down, by 12 percent. Ugly Betty down 8 percent. But there was some good news! Survivor was up 1 percent from last years premiere. Not much - but not too shabby! Cannot wait to watch the first episode, tonight since I missed it!

Daily Amy 3: Back in the Day

Just coz the latest performances have bummed me out - here's older Amy - with Mark Ronson, Adele, and others - AWESOME


A new movie is coming out: Head of Skate - haha. I wish. No its a spoof of Sarah Palin, and its HYSTERICAL! please watch

Let the show Begin!

Tonight is the first debate - which is now ON for sure. McCain tried his best to postpone the debate - but it is on tonight. Tune in. I certainly cannot wait. As of now, Obama is ahead in the polls 6 points, lets hope it stays that way.


Just watch this video - and fear the stupidity of Sarah Palin

Katie Couric even nails Palin to the wall. After asking Palin 3 times for specific examples of the blubber she speaks:

Couric: One last time. Give me specific examples in his 26 years of pushing for more regulations.
Palin: Uh.... well .... I'll try to find you some and I will bring them to you.


Sharon fights back

Sharon Stone has had an awful week. First reports came out that she had lost custody of her son. Well now, she is fighting against that rumor. She says that Sharon went to court in hopes of gaining permission for Roan to be enrolled in a school in the Los Angeles area (where she resides) rather than in Northern California where he currently lives with his dad. However that request was rejected. According to the court minute order dated September 12th, the reason is that the child's dad Phil Bronstein, "can provide a more structured continuity, stable, secure and consistent home for the child." As for the order, it is permanent unless there is a "change of circumstance", such as Bronstein moving out of his town. However, the couple will still have "joint legal and physical custody" over Roan. So although she still has her share of custody he will be living with his father more because of schooling, and in effect, she will see him much less. Which is sad.

However that didnt stop Sharon from attending the Macy's Fight Against AIDS fundraiser last night (pictured above). Sharon Stone has been one of the leading funraisers for AIDS not only in Hollywood but in the world. She is said to have raised over 2 BILLION dollars for AIDS research. (Of her own money, and money that she raises at fundraisers). Last night she raised another 27 million for the cause. All I can say is - good for her.

Britney's New One

Here is the new Britney Spears single: Womanizer.

Sounds a lot like the stuff off her latest album Blackout - which I loved. I like this song actually. I hope she has a nice comeback.

A Dita Makeover

Dita Von Tese (perhaps the most famous burlesque dancer, fashionista, and trend setter) would like to lend a helping hand to Amy Winehouse. She has offered an open invitation to help Amy with a makeover:

"Amy seems so sad lately, and she needs to be perked up. She is a beautiful girl, she just needs to feel beautiful again. I would love to go shopping with her one afternoon and find her a great outfit, some chic shoes, and do her makeup for her. For the record I wouldn't touch her hair, its fabulous. I think she just needs some cheering up. She is so talented, and I don't like seeing her so sad."

Awwww. Can I come?

Daily Amy 2: A REUNION - He's Out!!

Jailbird, Blake, has accepted a deal to get out of prison early, on a condition. He will be let out of jail in custody of his mother. He will wear an ankle brace and he will have a 7 o'clock curfew that he must adhere by, if not he will return to jail. However, he will be able to see Amy. Blake plans on arranging for a cab to take him from his mothers Lincolnshire home to Amy's Camden pad and back again everyday, so that he can see her. The trip would be more than 280 miles, and cost more than a thousand dollars a day. But he plans to do it no matter what.

I think this is good news. Amy has been through alot. Obviously she has dwindled down to nothing since her husband has been in jail. And the last couple of months she has been told he is coming out soon, only to have him sentenced longer. I can imagine how hard that would be on someone. I hope they do get back together soon. And I hope that she, with Blakes help, will clean up. I think they need each other. And I wish them luck.

Daily Amy: Impromptu Gig

Surprisngly Amy Winehouse showed up at the End of Summer Ball in London's Berkeley Square. An event attended by London's elite - most everyone there was in ball gowns or tuxedos. However Amy showed up in animal print pants and a black tank top. She looked shockingly skinny and skeletal. So sad she looks very old, yet she is younger than me. Amy was accompanied onstage with her goddaughter Dionne Warwick (who she shockingly took to a bad a couple of months ago) who was singing backup along with her usual backup guys. Amy could barely stand and used her goddaughter to help her standup. Onlookers said Amy barely sang a note, and was mostly out of it.

After her performance Amy asked security to introduce her to all the famous people at the event. She made her way from table to table and seemed in okay spirits, although some guests admitted they were frightened to be around her. Sugababe Heidi Range sat with Amy at her table, but Amy seemed uninterested in her company. Amy was then asked to pose for the event’s official photographer, but flipped and tried to headbutt him. She looked like a woman possessed, the photog said.

Backstage as she was preparing to leave Amy collapsed onto the floor and was screaming: "Life can't go on, I can't do this anymore."

She was photographed arriving home in only one shoe with open cuts on her legs. She shouted at photographers: "Leave me alone! I cant help it anymore. I can't. I wont go on like this. I can't do this anymore!"

Here are some photos from the night, although it saddens me to post Amy not looking her best.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Review: Burn After Reading

I rarely do reviews on here. But when I see a movie that I think is particularly noteworthy I will (try) to post a review up here. Last night, I saw one! Warning - there are some SPOILERS in the review:

"Burn After Reading" is the Cohen Brothers followup to last years Oscar Award winning triumph "No Country for Old Men". And what a welcome change of pace it is. Gone is the day of wayward innocents coming accross fortune and trying to escape from baddies. Well, maybe not. This is almost "No Country" mixed with Laurel and Hardy, if Laurel and Hardy were two dim-witted gym employees. The Cohen brothers always cast their movies well, and here they have struck a goldmine. I fear if any member of the central cast was replaced, the movie may have failed.

The movie revolves around Osbourne Cox (wonderfully over-played by the always wonderful John Malkovitch). Osbourne has recently been fired from the CIA and decides to use his newfound retirement as a chance to write his memoirs. His wife Katie (played by one of my favorites Tilda Swinton) finds this laughable and is constantly bored with him. So bored in fact that she is in the process of filing for a divorce and having an affair with another government employee, Harry Pfarrer (played by George Cloony who, like a good wine, only seems to be getting better and better).

Meanwhile Linda Litsky (the always hillarious Frances McDormand) is past her midlife crisis and wanting plastic surgery, 4 procedures to be correct. She works at Hardbodies Gym and is currently addicted to online dating, not knowing her true love may just be her boss (the kind hearted Ted played by Richard Jenkins). When a mysterious disc shows up in the ladies bathroom of Hardbodies, Linda and Chad Feldheimer (Brad Pitt in his funniest role to date) hatch a plan to get a reward for the discs information which includes Osbournes secret finances, and perhaps even important CIA information.

What follows is a histerical glimpse at bribery gone horrible wrong. All of our characters (with exception perhaps of Pitt's) are not likeable people. Osbourne is a total loser who also is a maniac, Katie is cheating on her husband and planning to rob him of all is money in the divorce proceedings, Linda is obsessed with how she looks - so much so that she cannot see the man of her dreams in front of her, and Harry is also cheating on his wife with Katie, Linda, and countless others. (Note: He is also building something very mysterious in his basement.) However, likeability factor aside, this cast makes each character interesting and funny.

The Cohens know how to shock an audience, and this film portrays that just as well as "No Country" and some of their other big hits. Sure, the wood chopper scene in "Fargo" is shocking, but so is the closet scene in this film. Whereas Javier Bardem brandished a very scary homemade gun, John Malkovitch shows he has some mean hatchet skills. It is a delight to see all of these characters thrown into the abyss as everyone becomes paranoid by everyone and everything around them.

It all leads up .. not much actually. But why should it? This is a movie about 2 outcasts trying to reclaim a new start and not knowing how. As JK Simmons (last seen in Juno and here as the CIA Superior) puts it: "What have we learned about this? .. Not much. Come back to me when it makes sense."

This movie, of which I had high expectations, exceeded what I knew was going to be a treat of a film. It also was semi-romantic because me and Nicholas' first date was at the Davis theatre seeing "No Country", and now almost 8 months later we returned to watch the new Cohen film. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

**** out of *****

Daily Amy: Vomit and Hugs

Amy Winehouse has appeared on many best dressed lists in the recent years. And designers have been more than ready to lend Amy some high priced outfits to wear to concerts, however that all may stop now. Harvey Nichols, a UK designer, had loaned Amy over 85,000 dollars worth of clothing, and she returned them to him in horrible shape. He is now suing her 25,000 dollars. Amy returned a couple dressed with cigarrette burns through them, some more were stained with alcohol and juice. Even worse a couple garments hadn't been cleaned, and had been left dirty so long that green mold had formed on them. And worst of all 1 gown was covered in puke from a long night of partying. Oh Amy!

In other weird Amy news, Amy visited a local concert venue last week to attend the band The Foals concert. She ran up to the drummer after the show - gave him a huge hug and told him she missed him a lot. The weird thing, he told reporters, he has never met Amy before. But .. he did enjoy the hug.

Emmy's Other Greatest Moment

Here's 2 HILLARIOUS ladies, giving us Emmy's second favorite moment:

Oscar Gurus make their picks

It's a little early I know .. but the Oscar Guru's (15 critics who usually predict the Oscar awards quite well) have released their first guesses at who will be nominated at this years oscars. Here is a look at their choices:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons
Slumdog Millionaire
Revolutionary Road

Mickey Rourke - The Wrestler
Sean Penn - Milk
Frank Langella - Frost/Nixon
Robert Downey Jr - The Soloist
Clint Eastwood - Gran Tourino

Meryl Streep - Doubt
Anne Hathaway - Rachel Getting Married
Angelina Jolie - Changeling
Kristin Scott Thomas - I Loved You So Long
Kate Winslet - Revolutionary Road

Heath Ledger - The Dark Knight
Phillip Seymore Hoffman - Doubt
James Franco - Milk
Jamie Foxx - The Soloist
Michael Sheen - Frost/Nixon

Penelope Cruz - Vicky Christina Barcelona
Viola Davis - Doubt
Marisa Tomei - The Wrestler
Rosemary DeWitt - Rachel Getting Married
Amy Adams - Doubt

sooooo excited.
I wish these were the nominees now!

W looking better and better

Here is the new trailer for Oliver Stone's W, about our horrific president George W. Bush. This trailer is even better than the original. I am now excited about this too.

Best Oscar Idea EVER

Rumor has it that Ricky Gervais is being courted to host this years Oscars!! Now, if you know me, you know that I am crazy in love with Mr. Gervais. I think this would be the most brilliant idea in Oscar history. He is histerical, and he stole this years Emmys in his brief performance. Please do this - It would be so fantastic. In case you missed him at the Emmy's:

Gorgeous Poster

Here is the first look at the poster for the movie that I am DYING to see. Clint Eastwood directs Angelina Jolie in: The Changeling.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Madonna's Lego

So we've seen Amy Winehouse's leggo figurine, and now here is Madonna.
These are so cute. I want them!
They could be friends.

Need a job?

Looking for a job? Courtney Love (last seen here riding down the street in a grochery cart) posted on her blog today an ad for a maid:
"Is anyone insanely clean neatfreak near malibu? i need a non thieving non freaky housekeeper also i need a documentarist, someone to document our studio' i know this is wierd- the agencies suck and im sick of PIGS who steal, its simple as that., so fuck it why not try my space , beats monster . no superfans please. and its very good money. btw the housekeeping part just early hours"
I wish I was close - my god I'd be all over this.
I love Courtney!

Repo Poster

The poster for Repo the Genetic Opera has been released.
I'm sorry but a movie boasting the cast of Sarah Brightman, Paris Hilton, Giles from Buffy, and someone simply named Ogre.... I am there.

Blake says NO again to leaving jail

In another shocking piece of news in the ever wild Amy/Blake love affair: Blake was offered (for a second time) to leave jail early. The first time he was offered the oppurtunity to serve the rest of his sentence at home with his parents and a ankle bracelet - he declined staying he'd rather stay in jail. Now he has been offered to leave jail immediately if he goes straight into a rehab program. And shockingly enough, he has said no again. He will finish his jail sentence in jail.

Friends say the reasoning behind it is: "Blake knows in both scenarious he wouldnt be able to see Amy. He doesnt want to be out of jail unless he can be with Amy. So until they offer him that - he will stay in jail. He is not truly free unless he is with her."

Working 9 to 5 on Broadway

Almost 30 years after starring in the movie "9 to 5" and writing its oscar winning theme song, Dolly Parton has re-written the movie for a stage musical! Dolly wrote 17 new songs for "9 to 5: The Musical". This is Dolly's first attempt at the Broadway stage. She said:

"I found it more enjoyable than I thought. You have more freedom than when you write a song ... usually it's a couple of verses and chorus and a bridge and you have to keep it down to about three minutes in order to get radio play."

Megan Hilty (a semi-popular Broadway actress) will play Dolly's role, Stephanie J. Block will be playing Jane Fonda's role, and Allison Janney (one of my favorite actresses) will play Lily Tomlins role.

The show will head to Broadway in March 2009, which is considered a mark of success for any musical. Still, Parton confessed to a case of nerves before the Los Angeles debut. However the show recieved RAVE reviews. The show opened at Los Angeles' Ahmanson Theatre on Saturday and went without a hitch. (The preview performance had a technical glitch between acts one and two, and in an effort to keep the audience interested, she got up from the first row and sang "I Will Always Love You" to the crowd -- which made them applaud and critics even shed a couple of tears.

A critic from The Hollywood Reporter writes: "The film always was a musical waiting to happen, and Parton has made the most of the opportunity. Her songwriting skills along with her desire to dazzle in whatever she does were made for Broadway. Parton (and her collaborators) have done a sensational job."

9 to 5: The Musical will follow on its run in L.A. at New York's Marquis Theater next spring. before heading to Broadway. We'll see you at the Tony's Dolly!

More Gay Money

Last week Brad Pitt donated 100,000 to the Anti-Proposition 8 fund (which is trying to save gay marriage) and he called on his famous friends to help out and match his donation. Well - the first friend has stepped out. Stephen Speilberg and wife Kate Capshaw have donated 100,000 dollars in support of gay marriage and gay rights. Great for them!!

I've Been Gay

In a day of BIG gay news, Lindsay Lohan throws her hat into the mix too, and has also publicly said she is gay and dating Samantha Ronson. Her confession happened last night on the NY radio show "Loveline". The two also have gotten matching tattoos. Cute!

Sharon loses son

This is some sad stuff, and also mysterious. Today Sharon Stone lost all custody of her son Roan - who is being returned to his father Phil Bronstein (Stone's ex husband .. the guy who got bitten by that iguana). Since their divorce in 2004, Stone and Bronstein have shared joint custody, but now the child will be 100% in Bronsteins hands. What has Sharon done?

The most SHOCKING news!

Only joking. Gay Aiken (er Clay) is FINALLY coming out of the closet. He will be on the cover of this weeks People Magazine with his newborn son and the words: YES, I'M GAY in huge bold print. The reason for coming out he says? He cannot raise a child to lie or hide things. Well - good for you Clay.
Just wish you hadn't denied it for, what is it, 6 years now?
Oh well ... no one is shocked I am sure.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Where's Tony?

Oh this is acting at its BEST :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Laugh til you cry

(but this is funny as hell)

Coming Soon: Syndoche NY

This movie season is looking AWESOME!
Here is another trailer for another film, with an amazing cast, that looks AMAZING!
Add this to my must see:

Daily Amy (again): More shoe ads

4 seconds???????

Guy Ritchie said in an interview lately that; "The best sex lasts 4 seconds."
And he also answered the question as to why he didn't put more women into his movies; "I just dont understand women."

4 seconds???!
Maybe this is why Madonna may have had an affair. (i kid)

The Girls are back

The "feud" between the Girls Next Door is apparently over. A month or so ago I came across the news that Holly and Bridgitte hated Kendra and that Kendra was leaving the show for the 6th season. Well, no news on whether or not they hate each other, BUT there is news on the show. Kendra, along with Holly Bridgette and of course Heff, will be back for season 6. But theres more! EACH girl will be getting their own spin-off show which will run the same time. So there will be 4 shows featuring the girls, on in one season. This seems like overkill. And it also seems like the begining of the end for the girls - overexposure. Oh well.

Daily Amy 4: More Shoes

Here is another shoe ad for Amy Winehouse inspired shoes ASOS.
These are actually going to be the ads.

Daily Amy 3: Style Raves

Amy Winehouse was listed in People Magazine's Most Stylish 10 Best Dressed list!!
She certainly has her own style - and I love it (and her).

The rest of the list includes:

Anne Hathaway
Kate Hudson
Heidi Klum
Eva Mendes
Michelle Obama
Sarah Jessica Parker
Gwyneth Paltrow
Charlize Theron

The picture above is the latest studio photo of Amy - and I am in love with it.

Daily Amy 2: Shoes!

A new shoe brand in England ASOS has hired Amy Winehouse to be the face of their shoe print ads! Seems bad timing, in that Amy has been going through hell. But Amy is a fan of their shoes, seen here wearing them at a concert a year ago.

Brad loves the gays!

Brad Pitt - how I love you. And how you love the gays! Brad just donated 100,000 dollars to the anti-proposition 8 campaign. Proposition 8, which will be voted on in November, wants to add banning gay marriages in the constitution and make them constitutionally illegal in California. Pitt's donation will help those fighting to protect the rights of gays and lesbians to marry in California and is the largest thus far to the anti-Prop. 8 campaign by an A-list celebrity.

In a statement he said:

"Because no one has the right to deny another their life, even though they disagree with it, because everyone has the right to live the life they so desire if it doesn't harm another and because discrimination has no place in America, my vote will be for equality and against Proposition 8."

And everyone who votes - VOTE NO for proposition 8

Baby Daddy says no

Kelly (Jennie Garth) revealed to Brenda on the latest episode of the re-vamped 90210 that the father of her son was in fact Dylan (Luke Perry)! So tounges were wagging in excitment that Luke would be joining the cast of 90210. Well the answer there is NO. When asked my reporters if he would be joining the cast or making a cameo he simply said: "Uh .. that would be a no." Leaves me wondering .. why not?? Its not like Luke Perry has a career now. What better way to jump start interest than join the show for a couple episodes? Its getting great ratings still. Maybe instead he is planning to be on Dancing with the Stars or something.

In good news, Brenda (Shannen Doeherty) will be returning to the show for more episodes. She was signed on only for four, but will be coming back!! YAY

Kathy tells Bravo to Suck It

Lifetime is scooping up every single hit show from Bravo. Earlier this year there was the famous fight over Project Runway - which Lifetime won. (Project Runway is running its last season on Bravo currently). And now, after the shows 2nd Emmy Win, Lifetime is offering Kathy Griffin the deal of a Lifetime (get it?) to move networks as well. We love Kathy - and presume she loves money. I bet she makes the switch. No matter the network, I will be watching both shows!

Heeee's Baaaaack!

Everyone's favorite aging vegas act: Tom Jones is on the verge of a comeback!! He of the many covers and crazy eyes, has cited Amy Winehouse as his main reason for finding a new sound and getting new energy to make a new cd. He is quoted by as saying: "We've been thinking about this for a while, doing a retro sound but new. And Amy Winehouse, she cracked it. When that album, 'Back To Black', came out, my son called me right away and said, 'You know what we've been talking about? Listen to this.' "

He will have some collaborations on his new album as well. Bono will be featured with Tom on a song called "Sugar Daddy" which Tom believes will be a success. Oh Tom, I love how he is still playing the sexy card. He also added: "The fire is still in me. Not to be an oldie, but a goodie. I want to be a contender."

Tom's new album, '24 Hours' will be released in November.

Television gets complicated .. again

SOMEHOW - despite the statement released from E that Denise Richards show was cancelled, they have backtracked - and It's Complicated is set to begin shooting in a couple of weeks, and the second season (a full 10 episode season) will be on the air in 2009. This show is truly terrible, however I will admit that I won't miss an episode. Its soo bad, soo staged, and soo unbelievably funny. I love Denise trying to be famous and respected - so funny! Welcome back Denise!

Daily Amy: Leggo My Amy

Look who got her own Leggo! Why its none other than Amy Winehouse!
This is sooo cute. I WANT ONE!
Also done in leggo were: Madonna, Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt.

Thank God for Miss Jay

This season of top model is so annoying. We want more models - less Tyra.
You know what I want? MORE Miss Jay.
This one video had me laughing sooo hard last night I almost cried.
Fast forward to: 4:20

and it gets better.
fast forward to: 0:40

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Project Runway stampedes Bryant Park

The 6 remaining designers on Project Runway showed at Bryant Park over the weekend. They are (in no particular oder) Leanne, Joe, Kenley, Jerrell, Korto, and Suede. I will not spoil anything about it (I dont know who the winner is of course, or even the final 4 .. but I have seen them all). Here are 6 pictures. One from each designers collection. What do you like best? Can you match them to the designer??

Palin Supporting Obama!!

This video is mere months ago - at the Alaska primary campaign. Here is Sarah Palin, praising Obama. This is CRAZY! Guess getting a chance to hop on a major ticket suddenly makes you change all your views!

What the hell?

Joe Biden, Obama's running mate, is praising Hillary Clinton - and yet somehow knocking himself and Barack .. I don't get it. Speaking at rally in New Hampshire on Wednesday, Mr Biden said: "Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be vice-president of the United States of America. Let's get that straight.
She's a truly close personal friend...quite frankly, it might have been a better pick than me. She may have been the better choice for vice president."

I couldnt agree with you more Mr. Biden. That said, why say that now?
Why didnt you say: "Obama, youre great, but we need to win this election. I do not accept your nomination - I would however like it if you chose Hillary Clinton because obviously thats what the voters want."
Hillary should be VP

Hillary on Sarah

2 days after Sarah Palin talked about Hillary Clinton in her interview with Charles Gibson (praising Hillary's campaign, and her as a strong women, she even said that Obama is going to regret not picking her -- which is the only thing I agree with Palin on) - Hillary has mentioned Sarah in an interview with Diane Sawyer last night on ABC news. Hillary said plain and simple: "Sarah Palin is exciting but she is certainly not vote worthy." BAM!