Thursday, October 30, 2008

You go Governor

In a speech given today California governor and terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger urged voters to vote NO of proposition 8 (the horrific proposition which will ban gay marriage in California along with gay rights). If you go against him you know what he does:


Girl Fight!

Kathy Griffin has been banned from the View and brought back so many times I've lost count. However I believe now she will be done with on that show (sadly). She spoke with the Windy City Times (a gay chicago newspaper) and had this to say of the ridiculous Elizabeth:

"Somehow, Elisabeth Hasselbeck has snowed American audiences into not knowing that she is a fucking ‘Survivor’ reject. I am sorry; I am not going to listen to the political beliefs of someone who wore wacky scarves on ‘Survivor’! This notion that everyone has to be quiet and listen to Hasselbeck is out of control… I am not sure why Babs treats her like a rock star, when its obvious that she is a big fucking right wing idiot."

I couldn't have said it better Kathy.
Elizabeth continues to ride the Titanic into the iceberg as she has recently joined Sarah Palin on the campaign trail taking digs at Barack Obama and praising Palin as the "qualified candidate" that she is.

Nip/Tuck again soon!

The new (and final) season of Nip/Tuck is currently filming. I simply cannot wait for this to come back on. Its certainly one of my top 2 favorite shows of all time. And the news I am getting on this season is spectacular. The guest list for this season will include the following: Rosie O'Donnell (playing her recurring role), Sharon Gless (playing her role from last season), Mario Lopez (coming back for his second episode), and most exciting ... KATHY GRIFFIN! Kathy is rumored to have a 5 episode story arc. Hurry up FX and put Nip/Tuck back on!!

R.I.P. Hudson's

I don't really wanna delve into the facts of the horrible Hudson murders, you probably already know. I just want to send some love and support to Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson and her family after the horrific deaths of her mother, brother, and nephew. I wish you the best. Support Jennifer and buy her fantastic new cd or donate to her charity against violence.

Deal with the devil?

Perhaps Denise Richards made a deal with the devil. Thats the only thing I can think of when it comes to the fact that E! has renewed her show "Its Complicated" for a second season. As soon as season 1 ended the people at E! seemed so ready to kick Denise to the curb, publicly saying how poorly the show did, and even saying it was canceled. But, no! Its official the show will return for a 12 episode season two!! So Denise can continue to pretend shes famous and try to make some money and slam her ex Charlie Sheen even more. I'll admit it, I'll be watching. I love this crazy ho!

The Wrong Way

Some idiot in West Hollywood finally got in trouble after the police demanded they take down the effigy of Sarah Palin hanging from a noose (and John McCain burning in flames) from their roof. The couple claimed they would keep it up and that it fell under their freedom of speech rights. Unless those were talking humans, I dont know how thats freedom of speech. Honestly I couldn't care less about the message (I may tend to agree more than I disagree) however, leave this crazy hatred to the republicans. Dont stoop to their level. This is not the way to disagree with a political figure, call her a whack job, don't hang her from your roof.

Palin killed McCain

**Note .. I will be knocking on wood after I post this so as not to jinx anything**

The McCain campaign is slowly rotting away into its very deep political grave. Let's face it - every poll has Obama FAR ahead nationally, and he is even up to 4 points ahead in states that no democrat has won before. (And Jesus hes only 4 points behind in South Carolina where I grew up -- that in and of itself is amazing). And because they are so far behind the entire GOP is imploding. It seems the camel that broke the back of the republican party this go-round was none other than Miss Sarah Palin. A poll on shows that the #1 reason people are not voting for McCain (including republicans and independants) is that he chose Palin. The second reason, that he is too similar to George Bush. You know things are bad for Palin when she is polling lower than George Bush. BAM! And now reports from within the McCain camp have gone on record calling Palin a "rouge", a "diva", and a "whack job". Many political pundits predict that Palin knows shes on a losing ticket, therefor she is trying to save herself. Some even predict she plans to run for president next time when they lose. I think thats fantastic news, even if Obama turns out to be a shamble himself, he surely will beat this whack job.

Obama and Clinton -- again

My favorite president Bill Clinton has joined Obama, as promised, to help him kick start the final days of the presidential campaign. Bill joined Obama in Florida to record crowds. Can you say power couple?

Obama: Neilson's #1

Barack Obama bought out 30 minutes of television time on 4 major networks last night, and not surprisingly he was the #1 watched program of the evening. 33.6 million people tuned in to see our next president (damn .. i hope i dont jinx it) speak.

Daily Amy: Not Well

My girl, Amy Winehouse, was admitted to a hospital again 2 days ago. This time the reasoning was: a chest infection. Currently she is still in the hospital and little is known to how she is doing. However, as per usual, her representatives released a statement that she is "doing fine". Fans and critics alike worry that Amy will not release a follow up to her platinum selling masterpiece "Back to Black". However her camp again tries to put out the flames:

"Amy is not on a dealine with her new album. The last one is still selling, and selling well. Just three weeks ago it was still in the top 10 even though its been out for two years. She is in and out of the studio recording. The record will be produced and released when Amy is ready. Yes, she is in the hospital. No, she is not in rehab. She was admitted for a chest infection, and she is doing fine."

By the look of these pictures of her going to the hospital - she is anything but fine at the moment.


Movie Review: Changeling


Ever since he swept the Oscars with Unforgiven in the 90's, Clint Eastwood has been considered the director to beat by many critics and audiences alike. I loved Mystic River, and wasn't a fan of Million Dollar Baby, however I do have the upmost respect for Clint's directorial skills. Imagine my excitment when I found out about a year ago that his newest project would be directing Angelina Jolie in the starring role in a dramatic thriller. Whew! I have been waiting with anticipation for months for the release of Changeling and now finally it is here. Nicholas and I went downtown for the day to catch a sneak premiere of the movie before it opens wide this weekend.

Changeling is based on a factual true story. Yes, this actually happened. The story alone makes a great film. I don't know how many times I leaned over and whispered to Nicholas: "I cannot believe this happened!" I don't want to give away the entire plot of Changeling (because thankfully the trailer, which seemed to give away a lot, just gives a nice setting of what is a very epic story), however the story revolves around Christine Collins (Jolie) who is a single mother and supervisor at the telephone company. We are introduced to Christine and her only child Water, and then as you know, Walter goes missing. The rest of the film you are slowly dumped into disaster as you find out what truly may have happened to Walter, and as you witness firsthand the corruption of the LAPD. The police department under scrutiny want desperately to have a positive story that makes them look worthwhile. Enter the Collins story. The police tell the devestated mother that they have in fact found her son and will reunite the happy couple. However (as you probably know), the little boy is a stranger to Christine, he is not her son. What follows is a two-part story of how far the cops will go to make themselves look like hero's (even if it means destroying an innocent womans life), and the dark truth behind the dissapearance of Walter.

The movie is a showcase for Jolie, however some fine actors turn in amazing supporting performances. First and foremost is John Malkovitch as Rev. Gustav Briegleb. The reverand has a radio evangelical broadcast which he also uses to shine light on the corruption of the cops, and the Collins case is his shot at bringing them down. Then we have Jeffery Donovan as Deputy JJ Jones, the obvious villan. As he tries to paint Christine as an insane woman you certainly will want a piano to land on his head. Amy Ryan (who is an award winning theatre actress and recieved critical acclaims last year for her role in Gone Baby Gone) is also fantastic as Carol Dexter, another "insane" woman the cops threw into the looney bin. The supporting standout is Jason Butler Harner as Gordon Northcott. To save the film from spoilerism, I will not tell you about his character -- however I will tell you that he nails it. Its a fine cast of amazing actors that Clint has to work with. But the movie lives and breathes with its star, Angelina Jolie.

I have been a Jolie fan from day 1. I first saw her in "Gia", an HBO movie for which she won 1 of her 3 consecutive golden globes 3 years in a row (George Wallace, best supp. actress tv movie, Gia best actress in tv movie, and Girl Interrupted best actress). Of course then she went on to win an Oscar for Girl Interrupted, and now she remains one of the most (if not THE most) famous women in the world. I think a lot of people count out Angelina Jolie. Shall we count the reasons? (a) She married Billy Bob Thornton (b) She wore a vial of blood around her neck (c) She collected knives (d) She kissed her brother on Oscar night (e) She used to date a woman (f) She may have broken Jennifer Annistons heart (g) She has also starred in many "fluff" action films (Tomb Raider Series, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Wanted) (h) She is part of the most talked about tabloid couple in history (i) She is constantly described as too pretty or too sexy (j) She has 40 kids .. etc etc. I think all of this is craziness and should have nothing to do with her acting career. I will stand behind my statement that Angelina Jolie is one of the finest actresses of my lifetime. She has had her bumps in the road, just like anyone else (Alexander anyone?), but she shines brighter than most anyone on that big screen I love to visit. Just last year she turned in what may have been her finest performance to date as Marianne Pearl in "A Mighty Heart". Well she has topped that .. in a big way. As Christine Collins, Angelina Jolie has not only turned in her best performance, but perhaps one of the best performances in the last 10 years. As a mother I am sure she could deeply connect to the role, and it shows. She is stoic, silent, strong, calculated, expressive, angry, desperate, and triumphant all with a blink of her eye. I predict we will be hearing her name come Ocsar time, at least for a nomination if not for the win. Yes, she's that good.

Of course the direction is superb, the cinematography and lighting are award worthy, but the film is all Angelina's. And the film is amazing. Do yourself a favor and go see "Changeling" immediately.

***** out of *****

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Good Amy Cover

I usually dont like covers of Amy Winehouse - but heres a damn good one. I want this on cd!!

Laqueesha Knows Best

Couldn't have put it better myself?

Daily Amy 2: We prefer Amy

The new bond film is directed by Marc Forrester, and he is speaking out about who he really wanted for the theme song. "I wanted Amy Winehouse. I heard the song she wrote and it was brilliant. Although we couldn't get a completed recorded version, we couldn't use it. But I prefer it to what we went with (Alicia Keyes and Jack White). Honestly I am hoping we can get Amy's version recorded to throw on the soundtrack or maybe the dvd."

Thats right!! Amy is the best.

Daily Amy: She speaks!!

FINALLY we have news on Amy Winehouse.
She granted a french interviewer a quick interview via her callbox at her home. Weird, but hey - at least we know she's still kicking.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Movie Review: W.


I doubt there will be a movie all year that has as much pressure, controversy, and scrutiny than Oliver Stone's W. This makes Stone's third presidential film, he successfully has already tread the tracks of Kennedy (JFK) and Richard Nixon (Nixon). Both films were critically acclaimed and thrust the director into the forefront of American directors. However, he has hit a critical stump as of late. His last 2 films, Alexander and World Trade Center, were critical and box office bombs. I didn't seen the latter, however I didn't hate Alexander as much as anyone else. When the news hit that he was making a presidential bio-pic of the sitting duck president George W. Bush, as he still resides in the oval office, the naysayers began wagging their tongues. How could he possibly rush this film to theaters before the election? The right wingers cried wolf before the film was even written. A lot of people were angry, a lot of people were doubting he would be able to pull out a good film in such a short time.

Well I am here to tell you, he pulled out a great film. Going into the film I wasn't sure of what to expect, but being a Stone fan from the past, I figured it would be him nailing the last nail into George W. Bush's public persona. I expected the film to be hilarious and make a mockery about any and everything Bush has dipped his Texan hands into. No doubt in my mind it would be a leftist; highly liberal film. I wasn't altogether right, which is the main reason I am about to rave about this film. If you are going into W to laugh at how stupid president Bush is, or to throw stones at his legacy - you will only be half pleased. If you are looking for a truly three dimensional character piece, fine acting, passionate direction, and a story about the greed and failure of modern day politics - you are in for a treat.

The film begins with only one name before the actions kick starts, that's Josh Brolin's of course. He is the only name mentioned until the credits roll. And this is because its Brolin's film. He gives a performance which I certainly hope will be rewarded with some awards or at least nominations this film season. Playing a living person is always tricky, especially if that person is a household name, and can be seen on television daily. Brolin doesn't stick to a mockery performance, which is refreshing. He vaguely looks like Goergie (in some scenes he looks so much like him its scary), however he definately has his mannerisms down to a T. There are certain scenes that are copycat speeches from George addressing the state of the Union, which are very impressive. But honestly, he shines most as W. at home, with his wife, his college buddies, and most effective - his cabinet members. No matter which way you slice it, Brolin is astounding.

Stone wisely tells the story not trying to make Bush the villain. It almost seems that he aims to paint Bush in the light of a victim. Which is both successful and maddening. Before seeing the film, I had my mind made up about Bush - this film is not going to change anyones minds I doubt (however I could be wrong). But it definitely went along with my hunches about his presidency thus far. George here is seen simply as a boy trying to please his father. We get Georges story from his college days up until 2004 in the height of the still going Iraq war. And it is clearly a story of a powerful father, and a son who feels like a black sheep. Although his brother Jeb is never shown, he is a driving point in the story. George Senior puts all his faith in Jeb Bush who was politically inclined while W. was drinking and getting drunk. That sets W into his lifelong goal to please his father and one-up his brother. And boy did he.

The villians in the film version lie mostly in W.'s cabinet members. I think that is a truthful take on the subject either. It is afterall, Dick Cheney's connection to the oil companies that have earned trillions of dollars from the war in Iraq. It was his mis-information about weapons of mass destruction that lead us to war, and were never there. It was his right hand woman Condoleeze Rice who overlooked important memos warning about 9/11. Karl Rove trampled over anyone to claim victory. The film does a good job showing this motley crew in a villainous and evil light. However, through it all, we have our "hero" George W. Bush who allows these people to play him like a puppet - throwing our country into another war and another depression. It provides a great ammount of turmoil for the audience. Do you ever want to root for someone so naive, so out of his league, and so willing to allow others control his every move? No, you won't. You will see that George W. Bush is the biggest villain of all, despite getting to know him "privately". Despite feeling his pain as his mother tells him he cannot win. Despite his desperation turning into Christianity as he grasps hold of any group of people who will accept him as is. The film shows you some of W's best personality traits you may have forgotten. He is funny. He loves his wife. He has overcome addiction. But while you can find new places to connect - you ultimately leave counting down the days before he is out of office.

As mentioned, Brolin is spectacular, there are many more notable performances to be seen. James Cromwell would be second billed as George Bush Senior. Like Brolin, he doesn't care much physical resemblance, but he nails him as well. The always fantastic Ellen Burstyn plays Barbara Bush, and sadly she is dramatically underused. Thats a major problem I have with the film -- you dont case Ellen Burstyn and not use her! Elizabeth Banks makes a charming Laura Bush, much better than the real anamatronic version we have now living in the white house. However (besides Brolin), the two stars of the film are Richard Dreyfuss and Thandie Newton. These two pull off the most dead on physical and verbal portrayals. Dreyfuss is Dick Cheney and he is just as schmarmy and evil as the real thing. The speech he gives in intimate quarters in front of a huge map of the world will give you chills (if it doesn't you may not have a soul). And Thandie Newton ... who knew?! Thandie is gorgeous and she nails the froggish Condoleeza Rice. Although she is never given quite enough, she is always a silent counterpart allowing the bullying of W. to continue. She should have a movie of her own.

One can only imagine that in 90-some days, when W is sitting at his ranch in Texas, will he prop up on the sofa with some pretzels, his dog, and watch the dvd of this film? Doubtful. But you can imagine him being a very lonely old man. When the people who lead his astray continue to make millions as he sits and contemplates what went wrong. And I fear, if the God he believes so fervently in does exsist, he will have a lot to account for.

***1/2 out of *****

Gotham Award Nominees

The first real nominations of the year are out. The Gotham Independant film awards recognize new feature film actors and directors. They have announced the nominees for this years awards:

Frozen River
Synecdoche, New York
The Visitor
The Wrestler

Chris & Don: A Love Story
Encounters at the End of the World
Man on Wire
Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired
Trouble the Water

BALLAST - Micheal J. Smith, Sr., JimMyron Ross, Tarra Riggs, Johnny McPhail
RACHEL GETTING MARRIED - Anne Hathaway, Rosemarie DeWitt, Bill Irwin, Tunde Adebimpe, Mather Zickel, Anna Deavere Smith, Anisa George, Debra Winger
SYNDEOCHE, NY - Philip Seymour Hoffman, Samantha Morton, Michelle Williams, Catherine Keener, Emily Watson, Dianne Wiest, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Hope Davis, Tom Noonan
VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA - Scarlett Johansson, Rebecca Hall, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz
THE VISITOR - Richard Jenkins, Hiam Abbas, Haaz Sleiman, Danai Gurira

Antonio Campos - Afterschool
Dennis Dortch - A Good Day to Be Black & Sexy
Lance Hammer - Ballast
Barry Jenkins for Medicine - Melancholy
Alex Rivera - Sleep Dealer

Pedro Castaneda - August Evening
Rosemarie DeWitt - Rachel Getting Married
Rebecca Hall - Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Melissa Leo - Frozen River
Alejandro Polanco - Chop Shop
Micheal J. Smith, Sr. - Ballast

Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You
The New Year Parade
Sita Sings the Blues

Friday, October 17, 2008


thats my girl!

Presidential Roast

Last night the Al Smith Dinner gala was held to raise money for Catholic charities. It is a longstanding tradition for the 2 presidential candidates to speak - and in effect to roast one another. And after a 4 year hiatus (Bush and Kerry didn't attend) we finally had a roasting. And I must say this couldn't have come at a better time. I have been so sick of the constant negativity and fighting between the campaigns, and last night they poked fun of each other in a friendly way, and it was hysterical. I think here, McCain's speech is funnier - he's finally found something he excels at: a stand up comedian (which many of his plans sound like comedy gold as well). They both are very funny and you should watch. It made me realize that regardless of how much I may disagree with McCain, or how much I liked Hillary more than Barack, that they both are humans, and 'probably' good people. Here, in full, is the roast. Enjoy!

McCain winning no friends

In the last debate, some commentators and pollsters said McCain had his best performance from the 3 debates, going on attack and getting all riled up. Personally I found him a grouchy old fart and thought he looked ridiculous. And it seems most people felt the same way. The polls released today have McCain dropping down 2% points since the debate. Woah - that was fast. Yet again -- its all backfired on McCain, and that "my friends" is good news.

Ms. Gay gives

The better Oprah, Ellen Degeneras, has donated 100,000$ to the No on Proposition 8 fund. She has purchased $100,000 of television air time for the No on 8 campaign to run a message she taped urging California voters to defeat Proposition 8, which would eliminate same-sex marriage in California. And I say - good for her!

No Love for Holmes

It looks like Katie Holmes has no shot at any Tony accolades for her Broadway debut in "All My Sons". Although the tickets have been selling well (which I think also is heightened by John Lithgow - a broadway veteran) the critics weren't too pleased. The critics viewed the show last night. And they didn't like her:

USA today says: "At best, Holmes exhibits a girlish exuberance that could serve her well in certain stage roles, provided she finds a director who can ease her obvious self-consciousness and get her to focus on the often-intricate process of character development. Sadly, Simon McBurney, who helms this production, is not that director."

Newsday compares Katie Holmes to the winner of a high school talent show.

But its not new news, lots of actresses have tried shots at Broadway - only to see their performances ripped apart. (See Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman)

Sarah on SNL

Sarah Palin WILL be on this weekends Saturday Night Live it is official. Even better, Josh Brolin is the host .. so you can bet on a "George Bush" appearance too. Little is known what Palin will do. Will she roast herself (doubtful), will she roast Tina Fey (likely), or will she bomb and be ridiculous (even more likely).

I think her best bet is to be in 2 skits, one roasting herself, and then to appear on the weekend update segment as Tina Fey. That would be funny. But I am betting she will just embarrass herself more.

#1 again

Britney Spears new single: Womanizer, has shot top #1 on the Billboard charts this week. Last week it was .... #96. Making it the highest climbing single on the charts in the past 10 years! And which marks only her 2nd time at the top spot. The first? Baby one more time .. her first single. Call it a comeback!!!

Celebrity Rehab

I always root for the underdogs (especially on reality tv) and Nikki McKibbin was the begining of that with me. She was 3rd place on the first season of American Idol. And now she is appearing on Celebrity Rehab on VH1. In the first episode she opens up about her mothers death ... apparently her mother gave her drugs and did drugs with her. And on one of their binge nights together her mother overdosed and died. She also admits to being molested by family members going back to when she was 5 years old. Whew. I feel just terrible. I hope something helps her.

Too busy in bodybag

News keeps trickling in about why Madonna and Guy have split. Who knows whats to be believed .. but heres the latest report from the Guy camp:

"In addition to forbidding them from watching TV, Madonna reportedly kept her family, and Guy, on a short leash, with strict dietary rules. At dinner everyone ate steamed fish with seasonal vegetables, and for breakfast, Madonna made Guy drink zero-fat smoothies. If Guy wanted a treat, he'd have to sneak down to the pub for one.

Instead of spending time with the fam, Madge spent more time at the gym with her personal trainer, much to the dismay of her husband. And at night, instead of a good old romp in the sack, Madonna preferred to spend hours bathing in pricey creams and zipping herself up in a plastic body bag, which is an ancient anti-aging method."


Mel B steals the show

The Mobo awards (a british grammy) were held this weekend, and although she wasn't nominated or presenting .. ex-spice girl Melanie Brown (aka Mel B, aka scary spice) stole the entire show and was on the front page of all the UK papers the following day. All for her Grace Jones inspired outfits. Its certainly out there ... but I think Mel looks HOT HOT HOT! Work it girl!!

Daily Amy: Bedridden

More dramatic news on the Winehouse front. Amy did not appear at her DJ gig last night at a bar in London (where she has disastrously appeared 3 times previous). Her reasons released by her camp were that she was bed ridden, and unable to get out of bed. That certainly can't be good. GET WELL!

Its Official: I hate Mark Whalberg

I haven't liked Mark Whalberg for a while. Which was sad to me, because I loved him so much in Boogie Nights and other films. However when he shot his mouth off 2 years ago about Brokeback Mountain (saying: "I will never see that movie. I don't support it. I don't like it. And I won't take time out of my life to watch something like that." ... yes he said that) and now certainly that hes acting like a fucking baby over a SNL sketch. Watch it all unfold on Jimmy Kimmels show last night:

Katy scores!

Katy Perry redeemed herself from her disastrous performance at the MTV awards last month by blowing me away with her live version of I Kissed a Girl at the VMA Latino awards last night. I won't give away what happens at the end of this performance ... but its well worth a watch!! AND she sounds good too. Good for you Katy Perry.

W is exceeding expectations

W - the new Oliver Stone film about George W. Bush, opens today and is riding high with good reviews. Rogert Ebert gave it 4 stars yesterday. I will be seeing it this Sunday on date day - and will have a review for you on Monday.

Angelina and Clint succeed

Changeling starring Angelina Jolie and directed by Clint Eastwood is looking to be a HUGE contender for this years awards seasons. It has recieved **** star or perfect ratings from over 40 critics to date - which is pretty impressive. Its set to be released in 2 weeks - dont miss it everyone. Angelina is also being touted as the one to beat this year for best actress.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Grumpy Old Man

Last nights debate was certainly the most entertaining of any debate this season between John and Barack (and Sarah and Joe for that matter). However, John McCain came off looking like a grumpy old asshole. I think he tried to attack McCain quite a bit - but its kinda like punching a brick wall at this point. You may get a good hit or two in, but its your own hand and not the wall that is hurting afterwards. John McCain spills bile from his mouth, and looks about 4 days over 700 years old. I think Barack won this debate, every debate, and will win the election.

However, according to the polls, against most odds, John McCain is getting closer to Barack Obama. He trails 49-43 percent in Thursday's Gallup Poll, a 4-percentage point gain in four days. What was a 51-41 percent lead for Obama last weekend has gone down, with no real explanation. In fact, Obama for the first time in more than two weeks dipped below the winning 50 percent figure. But McCain continues to hang around in the national polls, at least, while losing ground in some battleground states, which will decide the election most assuredly.

Don't ever underestimate the evil republican party.

Daily Amy: The Devil Made Me Do It

Last night Amy was in the studio recording material for her album, and for her Otis Redding cover song (which now is reportedly the song: You Dont Own Me). Things didn't go too well unfortunately. She insisted that she played guitar on one track - even though her guitarist was in studio. She picked up her 4,000 guitar and tried her best to strum out, but became frustrated and smashed the guitar into the floor shattering it.

She also claimed that "The devil is giving me drugs." and "I am possessed by the devil."

All very scary news. And what doesn't make it better is that tonight she will DJ again at a London club -- which has never gone well. But it will be nice to see her out again - I hope she looks okay.

If you pray - pray for her.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

M.I.A. pregnant

Crazy singer/rapper M.I.A. just announced that she is "creating a baby". It was obvious if you saw her concert last week, she was huuuge and dancing away. SO CUTE! Watch here:

Don't Underestimate Evil

Good news and bad news for John McCain. For the second straight day, he has narrowed the gap with Barack Obama. McCain trails 50-43 percent in Wednesday's Gallup Poll. That's two percentage points closer than Tuesday and three points better than Monday. That's the good news for McCain and the GOP. Here's the bad news: For the entire month of October, McCain has never been above the 43 percent mark. Which is even lower than George W. Bush was polling this time last we met. Meanwhile, Obama has been at or above the winning 50 percent mark most of this month. McCain and Sarah Palin have tried attacking Obama to boost their poll numbers. But that hasn't worked, at least yet. Now McCain says he has a winning strategy for tonights debate. He plans to attack Obama head-on with the William Ayers scanda. Obama, meanwhile, continues to press his point that America needs a change in direction in the White House. For now most Americans are telling pollsters they like Obama's message better, so says the polls. But never underestimate the evil power of the republican party. This is the same party who rigged the last 2 elections, who says they won't rig this one? VOTE. And vote democratic!

Top 20 Madonna

The Madonna official fan club has its results in of the top 20 madonna songs, in order, as ranked by fans! Here's the list:

#1 - Vogue
#2 - Like A Prayer
#3 - Hung Up
#4 - Into The Groove
#5 - Express Yourself
#6 - Frozen
#7 - Give It 2 Me
#8 - Ray Of Light
#9 - 4 Minutes
#10 - Holiday
#11 - Music
#12 - La Isla Bonita
#13 - Live To Tell
#14 - Deeper And Deeper
#15 - Erotica
#16 - Get Together
#17 - Borderline
#18 - Like A Virgin
#19 - Papa Don't Preach
#20 - Beat Goes On

Give money to Gay

Steve Bing, a film producer, has donated $500,000 to No on proposition 8. The straight rich dude has just saved this propositions ass. His donation will be matched today as well. And all news is good news - last I heard No on 8 on was behind in polls. VOTE NO! (I wanna get married one day dammit)

There is also a fund raiser next week with performances by Mellisa Etheridge, Elton John, Mary J. Blidge, Kathy Griffin, and charity work from Sharon Stone.

The Mask Polls Results

Looks like Obama is leading in yet another poll. That would be the sales numbers for Halloween masks. The John McCain and Barack Obama masks have been on sale over a month now and the Obama ones are flying of the shelves much faster. 69% of people have chosen to go as Obama over McCain.

However, factor in the Sarah Palin mask - there is no question - its selling the best. Most stores are reportedly sold out. Well don't worry, if there are no more Palin masks, and you wanted to go as her -- just mosey on down and buy a devil mask. Its the same thing.

Out of Control

VH1 is getting out of control. Let me count the ways. It all started with Flavor Flav -- thank God (for me in many ways coz I love *most of these shows). We had Flavor of Love, then Flavor of Love 2 (both starring the fabulous New York). The VH1 smartly gave New York her own show: I Love New York. Then Brett Michaels joined the bill and had Rock Of Love, which was fantastic. Then the girls from Flavor of Love joined Charm School. Then Flavor Flav tried a third time with Flavor of Love 3. New York got a second go-round with I Love New York 2. Tila Tequila, the whore, tried her shot of love on MTV. Meanwhile Brett Michaels returned with Rock of Love 2. Then to copy the real world road rules challenge, VH1 did I love Money, starring rejects from I Love New York, Flavor of Love, and Rock of Love. Simultaneously New York returned with a new format: New York Goes to Hollywood. Last week Charm School 2 (featuring the Rock of Love girls) premiered (and I loved it). Now just released this week Real Chance at Love (starring Real and Chance from I Love New York and I Love Money) begins, as well as Daisy's Time For Love (featuring the runner up from Rock of Love 2) begins. Good god!!!!!

I love new york, and i love the rock of love girls, but this is getting CRAZY!

Its Britney Bitch!

Britney Spear's video for her new uber catchy single Womanizer is now out! And it is HOT HOT HOT!! This may be the best video she has ever made, no lie. I love the song, I love the video, this time she's actually back! You MUST watch. Follow the link below - because it won't allow me to embed the video onto blog.

(if it doesnt work - visit -- its on there)

Daily Amy: For Nicholas

I recently introduced Nicholas to this vintage Amy song ... everyone enjoy

IMDB's top 50

Movie lists are sometime annoying - in that I honestly cannot agree with most of them. IMDB has compiled its final list of the top 50 films of all time. (Its done by user comments, reviews, star ratings, etc etc). So here it is (and my thoughts)

1. The Shawshank Redemption (couldn't agree less. I actually dont like this movie)
2. The Godfather
3. The Godfather Part II
4. The Dark Knight (certainly this is a joke. I mean it was good .. but awful)
5. Buono il Buono il cattivo (what the hell?)
6. Pulp Fiction (okay!)
7. Schindlers List
8. One Flew Over the Cukoos Nest
9. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
10. 12 Angry Men
11. Casablanca
12. Star Wars
13. Schichihin no Samuri (??)
14. The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (eh)
15. Goodfellas (yay!)
16. Rear Window
17. Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark
18. Ciadad E Duec
19. C'era Una Volta en West
20. The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings (eh)
21. The Usual Suspects
22. Psycho (yay)
23. Fight Club (double yay)
24. Silence of the Lambs (triple yay)
25. Dr. Strangelove
26. North By Northwest
27. Momento (wow!)
28. Sunset Blvd.
29. Citizen Kane (didn't they used to list this as #1?)
30. The Matrix (what the hell?!)
31. Wall-E (is this a joke?!!)
32. The Lord of the Rings: Two Two Towers (aaaggg! all three??)
33. It's a Wonderful life
34. Se7en (good)
35. Lawrence of Arabia
36. Apocalypse Now
37. Leon'
38. Taxi Driver
39. American Beauty (yay)
40. American History X (maybe the best on the list)
41. Vertigo
42. Amelie'
43. Paths of Glory
44. M
45. The Departed
46. Forest Gump
47. To Kill a Mockingbird
48. Clockwork Orange
49. Alien (YAAAAAY!!!)
50. Chinatown

I dont like this list?!! Where's Magnolia? Pennies from Heaven? Casino?! Requiem for a dream? Tootsie???!

Back from the Dead

Following in line with Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac, Lisa Left Eye Lopes will release her first solo cd, 8 years after her death. The album will feature all "new" "unreleased" material by Left Eye, and guest spots by: Missy Elliott, Lil Mamma, and Tupac Shakur. Yes - 2 dead rappers in one.
I for one am super excited!!

All along it WAS true

Madonna's publicist, Liz Rosenberg, officially released a statement saying that Madonna and Guy Ritchie are in fact getting a divorce. AND there was no prenup. So its going to get messy. An "inside source" says: "Guy is a gold digger who was in from the get-go for the money. He forced her to have no prenup. He is nothing more than a wolf in a great sheep outfit!"

And even more shocking today news is flying that Madonna and baseball star Alex Rodriguez "are romantic". Another source adds: "Guy is not involved in this equation. With or without A-Rod, Madonna and Guy haven't been 'together' for over a year - they have been privately separated. Madonna, however, wanted to finish her world tour before divorcing. A-Rod and Madonna are more involved than ever. Alex has really missed spending time with Madonna. However, he understands the position Madonna's in."

All I can say is I am shocked. I didn't believe it for a minute.
Oh well - I wish everyone involved the best.

In less than 24 hours...

In less than 24 hours Nicholas and I could have had a child -- we will celebrate our 9 month anniversary. And I am so excited! I love you Nicholas.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Madonna's Shoes

Madonna attended a premiere of her new movie "Filth and Wisdom" which opened in LA this week. (The movie is actually getting pretty good reviews, and Madonna's directing is being lauded) HOWEVER, her KILLER shoes upstaged everything. Uhm .. I want a pair, just to sit on a shelf. AWESOME

Palin slipping further

Sarah Palin's numbers have been all over the board - but there's no second guessing what they have done over the past 2 weeks - plummeted. When she was tapped as VP candidate by McCain, she was the highest ranked (in popularity among voters) govorner in the US with an 86% approval rating. Then as far as rankings with republicans she was ranked at 77% (higher than McCain) the first few weeks of the campaign. And her first week on the trail she was viewed favorably by 57% of voters (also very high). Fast forward three weeks later, she was no longer pulling such high numbers - even in her own state. It seemed the more the country got to know about her, they turned against her (rightfully so). Most shocking, in Alaska. Whereas she was most popular, she now ranks at a 64% approval rating - a 20% drop. As far as how she is viewed by US voters, she is ranking a miserable 33% approval (over a 40% drop). And folks these numbers keep dropping, thank god. I knew America wasn't stupid.

Hillary on Future Presidency

Hillary Clinton did an interesting interview with Fox news this week. They asked her some questions about her future in politics, and she gave some saddening (to me) answers. When asked on a scale of 1 to 10 how likely would she accept the role of senate majority leader she said: “Oh, probably zero. I’m not seeking any other position than to be the best senator from New York that I can be.” Then when asked if she would join as a member of the supreme court if she was appointed by Obama (which had been rumored), she also said: "No." Then when asked if she would launch another shot at the presidency either in 4 or 8 years (depending on who wins) she said: “Probably close to zero. There’s an old saying: Bloom where you’re planted. That's what I plan to do." --- Do you hear what I hear? That's not a no!! I always wanted Hillary as president and then Barack taking over in 8 years when her two terms were up ... but I could be just as happy having it the other way around!! Either way - I loves ya Hillary.

To Those Who Support McCain

If you support McCain - or you are still undecided ... please visit this webpage:

Daily Amy 2: Bad Snack

Bad news for my girl Amy. She has created a new snack for drug addicts, and apparently has had many parties at her house where she specially makes the treat. She ordered and now owns a cotton candy maker. However she only uses half sugar -- and half cocaine to make the concoction. So in effect she is making cocain cotton candy.