Wednesday, March 4, 2009

American Idol: Week 3

Another disasterous week for American Idol performers and watchers. Last week was pretty good, but this week was perhaps worse than week one. Here is my rundown.


*JU'NOT* - The only performance of the night I actually really liked. He sand one of my favorite songs, and surprisingly he just SANG it and didn't over sing or over due. He has a nice soulful voice which was served well by this song. I didn't know him before this, and hope to know him better.


*FELICIA* - Finally a back-story I can get into. She didn't make the top group, only to be called back in when they decided not to let someone who already has an album, is on 2 soundtracks, and has music videos compete. Now, this was not a perfect performance. But it started off so strong. And on such a weak night, she shined a little brighter.

*LIL' ROUNDS* - She is no Lil' Kim, but she is a good singer. Not a fan of the song, or really of R&B in general. And I do not like how the judges fawn all over her like shes the next superstar of the world. However she is a good singer. And in this weak round, thats all it takes.


*ARIANNA* - I did not hate her as much as the judges did. But she wasn't very good. Thats why I created this bland category. Its for the people who were bad but not terrible. And thats right where she sits. Some great parts, some awful.

*JORGE* - I don't know what it is, but I just don't like Jorge. Maybe its because he cried tonight, and people will vote him through because of it, maybe its because of his string of lackluster performances so far on American Idol. I don't know. He is an okay singer, thats as far as I will go.


*KRISTEN* - I haven't been a fan of hers from the get-go. I think she is actually more annoying than Tatiana, and if not, she certainly lacks the funniness to make her entertaining. She is just a drama queen who cannot dress or perform but has an average voice. I love this song, but only Tracey Chapman could sing it. It didn't show off her voice, and she just looked awkward.

*NATHANIEL* - The other drama queen turned in a worse performance than Kristen, but at least he is somewhat fun. He has a personality. Now, it isnt a good personality at all, and he dresses a fool. But its about the singing, and this was just ALL over the place.

*VON* - Talk about over singing! He hasn't learned his lesson. He toned it down a bit, but I dont find what he does pleasing in any way. No performance skills, and a voice that is powerful, squeaky, and screachy all at once.


*TAYLOR* - Remembering who she was is tough. And I JUST watched it. Not a good sign.

*SCOTT* - Here is a backstory I hate. I am sure I will get some flack for this, but put simply if Scott wasn't blind, he would NEVER have made it this far, and certainly wouldn't have gotten rave reviews for his horrible performance of a weird unknown song. This show should be about VOICES not PITY PARTIES. Sorry but its true.

*KENDALL* - Typical boring country girl. Shes like a Carrie Underwood - without singing very well.


*ALEX* - Whew. This was just an embarrasment. A growling, nasty, off key, yelly embarrasment. I almost feel bad for him. ... No, No I don't.


So its a terrible week. I would like Ju'Not, Felicia, and Lil (i guess) to pass through, even though I could hardly call any of them overall favorites. The only one I care passing through is Ju'Not .. and he won't. The three going through will be:
Lil' Rounds (easily), Scott (the easiest choice based on his backstory only) and probably Jorge (because he cried and he's been shown a lot). The spoiler could be Nathaniel because they spent soo much time promoting him for some odd reason.

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