Friday, March 6, 2009

Adele thanks Winehouse

Adele, who just won 2 grammys this year, has much respect and love for Amy Winehouse. The 2 actually attended the same school when they were younger (as did Lily Allen). Adele let her feelings for Winehouse out in an interview when she said:

"I think Amy is hardcore. She is a true phenomenon. If my voice were half as interesting and powerful as hers, I'd be happy. When Amy was big in America, me and Duffy were blowing up in England, and I think it made the journey over a bit smoother for us. Amy was the first brit woman to just blow up America. And I think that left a taste for me, which allowed me to do as well as I did. People compare me to Amy sometimes, and I am honored. However I think I'm really contemporary. But we are alike in that we are both very mouthy. I love that girl, and cannot wait to hear more music from her. I just will plan not to release my cd the same day."

LOVE you Adele!

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