Friday, March 13, 2009

Daily Amy 2: Banned from US (again)

Its deja-vu all over again as Amy Winehouse was yet again denied a Visa to enter the US. This time she had to pull out of Coachella, last time she had to pull out of live Grammy performance (which they ended up showing via satellite). The reason all surrounds the assault charge I blogged about a week or so ago. About 6 months ago Amy punched some fan in the face at a private concert event, and now the woman has slapped Amy with an assault charge. Because it hasn't gone to court yet, Amy is held in the UK and not allowed to travel to the US. BUMMER!

HOWEVER, the good news is, Amy will be able to perform 5 concerts in the UK for the anniversary of Island Records, her label. Those concerts are planned for next month! HOORAY!

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