Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Daily Amy: Cute Trip to Court

Amy Winehouse attended court this morning, where she pleaded innocent to the charge that she punched a woman in the face at a private concert. The incident has caused her US visa to be denied, so she cannot headline Coachella as planned. However she has just signed on to headline the Jazz Festival in St. Lucia, where she just vacationed and rehabbed for 3 months. In court she arrived on time, with her father by her side. And she looked CUTE AS HELL! The looks are back folks!!! Here are the pictures to prove it.

In court she said her name was: Amy Jade Civil - her married name. She still is intent on meeting with Blake. Her dad said the following in a brief interview: "Amy wants to resolve the situation. She's guilty of loving him, stupid girl! I'm not saying she's going back to him, she just wants to talk. I want her to get divorced. I want Blake and his family out of our lives. I just hope Amy can stay away from him. It's the only chance she has. Blake's a destructive influence on her life. And he's a liar. This is the man who openly admitted he introduced Amy to Class A drugs. Amy nearly ended up dead thanks to him. This is the man who kicked a barman so hard he needed his face rebuilt. He's after £5million. Does he think we're idiots?"

Amy, however was only positive as she left court. Asked how she was she responded: "Look at me! I'm fine thank you!"

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