Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dancing Recap

Here's my little recap of Dancing with the stars this week:

#1) LIL' KIM - The Queen Bee is back in charge this week. She turned in the sexiest dance of them all, and each week her technique is getting better and better!

#2) SHAWN THE GYMNAST - Sure she has chubbo arms. Sure shes kinda piggy. But she is Lil Kim's biggest competition for sure. She was fantastic!

#3) TY THE HICK - He may not speak english too well, but he was the surprise star of the show. When his partner, the "pro", fell over in the dance, he picked her up and recovered very well. He was shockingly good, him and his snaggle tooth (and I dont mean his wife).

#4) NOT FAMOUS GYLLES - He may be kinda sexy, and he may dance well, but he is no star.

#5) THE GIRL WHO GOT DUMPED - Even less of a star than Gylles. She's losing steam for me. I don't like her at all.

#6) THE WOZ - Uh YES, I did just rank him 6th! He was injured twice this week, and still tried his hardest. YES - he looked like a beached whale, and YES I loved it!


#8) EDYTA IS MY PARTNER - I like Edyta. Thats it.

#9) STEVE-O - Poor crazy Steve-O. This just doesnt make sense. You can jump off a 30 story building and land on your tounge, yet you cant do some shitty watered down ballroom dancing without hurting yourself? I just don't get it.

#10) HOLLY AND HOLLY'S BOOBS - Wow. She just doesnt look happy. She does look like a Barbie doll .. and by that I mean plastic that doesn't bend to walk or dance.

#11) THINGS JUST GOT COMPLICATED - Oh Denise. You will follow in Belinda's footsteps after that.

bye Denise. See you on season 2 of its complicated!

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