Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Daily Amy 2: Movie Star?

Universal Pictures has sent a script to Amy Winehouse, wanting her to star in a major motion picture. The film is about a troubled high school, think Dangerous Minds starring Michelle Pfieffer. Amy is wanted to play the leading role, of the schools music teacher - which of course will allow her to sing in the film. Most exciting is they are pursuing Johnathan Rhys Meyers as her co-star. If you know me, you know my head just exploded off my shoulders. I love JRM, and you KNOW I love Amy!

Universal wants amy so much that they have offered Winehouse free acting lessons at the Royal Academy of Music Theatre department in London to prepare for the role. The studip however has said that Amy must: Improve her health and state of mind. Saying: "You can't have a teacher looking like a scrawney crack addict. It's hoped that this offer will be an incentive for her to continue becoming all the way clean and sober."

Hey it worked for Courtney Love when she switched to movies -- I bet it could work for Amy!!

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