Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Daily Amy: Sneaky Drink Theif

This may be one of my favorite stories of Miz Winehouse EVER. On vacation in St. Lucia she is up to quite a lot of trickery. The picture above for example. No Amy didn't fall over in a stupor, she is actually on her hands and knees stalking out a table of cocktails, because the bartender had cut her off. She is literally sneaking on the floor, waiting for them to leave, and jacking their drinks! And she has been up to similar hijinx lately on her vacation. The Sun ran a recent report with hotel staff commenting on Amy's sneaky ways to get her drink on:

"She was spotted creeping up behind one woman, asking for a cigarette and then sprinting away with her cocktail."

"We keep catching her crawling past bars, or hiding behind chairs. She grabs guests’ drinks and runs off, like a squirrel with a nut."

You know Amy is having the time of her life. This is HILARIOUS!
And hey, it could be worse. I think this is just plain ole Winehouse fun!

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