Friday, January 23, 2009


Sarah Palin has been approached numerous times with many book deals since she came onto the scene last year as McCain's loser running-mate. However she is ready to sign a deal. She is asking for an 11 MILLION DOLLAR ADVANCE!!!! This is actually insane! Compare it to other political figures and their books. Hillary Clinton got an 8 million dollar advance (which was considered huge at the time), to write a book about her life - which included all the Bill scandals, and her triumph to become senator in NY. Now Hillary has traveled all over the world, been a political figure her entire life, and actually speaks well. Surely she has more to say than Sarah Palin - small town Governor and former beauty pageant winner.

FIRST LADY Laura Bush got an advance for a book ... 2 million dollars.
And PRESIDENT CLINTON recieved a 10 million dollar advance for his book. This is a president .. a 2 term wonderful president .. and Sarah Palin wants 1 million more dollars for her book. Wow. This lady has balls. (and shes incredibly stupid)

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