Friday, January 30, 2009

Daily Amy 2: Robbed

After some great Amy news, her headlining gig in April in LA, there is some bad news that follows. The Sun is reporting that Amy's Camden flat, where she has not been for the past 2 months because of her extended vacation, has been robbed by burglars who smashed their way into her home yesterday. They stole over 15,000$ worth of gear. Police were called to her home at 4am by neighbors, but they had fled by theen. Some of the stolen items were recovered as they were abandoned by the burglars in a flee to escape. A source close to Amy says: “Amy is devastated. Some of the guitars are irreplaceable due to their sentimental value. The flat is in a real state. It had been cleaned up in preparation for her return. Now she will have to start from scratch to replace what has been stolen."

Reportedly one of the 5 grammys that Amy won was stolen. Sad.

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