Monday, January 26, 2009

Blake is suing mad

Blake Fielder-Civil is exceptionally angry in jail. His wife, Miz Winehouse, refuses to sign divorce papers. Blake has said his reason for his divorce is Amy's infidelity. And how, his mother has stepped in the breakup with a love letter that Amy wrote Blake. Blake's mother says that: "In the letter Amy talks about being in love with him, and how he is the reason for her success. It says she wrote every song on her album about Blake, and he deserves his due for her success."

So obviously Blakes stupid ass mom thinks that just because the two were in a relationship, Blake broke it off, Amy's heart was broken and she wrote songs about him and became famous -- that he deserves her money. Thats bullshit. He deserves to rot in jail - and his mom deserves a muzzle.

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