Monday, February 9, 2009

Lil' Kim Dancing with Stars!!

I am shocked by this news, and don't know if I should be saddened or overjoyed, but Lil' Kim has been announced as one of the contenders for this years Dancing with the Stars. But in the end, I am happy about it. Dancing with the Stars is the #1 rated show on television, thousands of people watch it, hopefully they will all fall in love with Lil' Kim like me, and she will put out an album very soon that will be hugely popular. Thats why I am guessing shes on the show - to promote a future album!!

The full cast is:

Shawn Johnson, Olympic gold medal gymnast
Chuck Wicks, country singer who's fiance is Julianne Hough (dancer)
Gilles Marini, actor from "Sex in the City"
Denise Richards, actress and star of "Its Complicated"
Lawrence Taylor, retired NFL linebacker
Nancy O'Dell, Access Hollywood co-host
Steve-O, ex-drug addict from Jackass
Steve Wozniak, Apple founder, and ex-boyfriend of Kathy Griffin
Lil' Kim, Grammy-winning rapper
Belinda Carlisle, 80's pop star
David Alan Grier, actor currently on "Life with Bonnie"
Ty Murray, proffessional Bull Rider
Jewel, Singer/songwriter


LIL KIM for the win
and Denise Richards to make things COMPLICATED!

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