Monday, February 16, 2009

Case Against The Reader

The Reader doesn't have much of a shot to win Best Picture, however Kate Winslet is primed to win Best Actress for her work in the film. However there is a late, very heavy, campaign against the film and its star. Ron Rosenbaum, the author of the critically acclaimed book Explaining Hitler, last week branded the film inaccurate and "the worst Holocaust film ever made", and called on Oscar judges to shun it. The New York Head of the Nazi-Hunting Simon Wiesenthal Centre has also spoken out called the Reader "Holocaust revisionism", and "A terrible film with a terrible message." They also called the film: "Nazi porn."

The Sunday Telegraph has learned that emails have been sent to every Academy members with their case against the Reader, and rewarding it. Their mission is to try and make sure The Reader is shut out of every single award. And they may have a shot, because the oscar ballots are not due until Wednesday.

A insider in Hollywood, and the Academy game saysL "There's a great deal of Jewish influence in Hollywood and this sort of thing has the power to swing a few votes. There's very little chance that The Reader is going to win best picture but Kate Winslet is in a very tough fight with Meryl Streep, who's Hollywood royalty, for best actress. If people get put off The Reader, they've got an obvious place to go. This just might make the difference."

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