Monday, February 16, 2009

AI Favs and Boo's

So American Idol really starts up this week, so I thought I would list my favorites and least favorites so far. Mind you, I do not know all of these people yet, but as far as I can tell, here's who I like so far ..

(from left to right)

* ADAM LAMBERT - he is good looking, can sing really well, is a theatre guy (bot not overdramatic with it) and he promises to change up popular songs. I like him a lot, and think he could even have a chance to win!

* NICK (NORMAN) MARSHALL - go ahead and hate, but I loooove Norman. The jury is still out on Nick. But honestly, American Idol is a joke. The show is a joke, and most of the singers are jokes .. so its a breath of fresh air to see Nick making a mockery of the show with Norman. He is having fun, and I do too when he performs. The BEST part of it - he can actually sing!!

* JACKIE TOHN - She looks like Alanis, sings like Janis, and is also a wannabe actress. I love it all. She has probably my favorite voice of the group. Plus she plays a mean guitar.

* JESSE LANGSLETH - She reminds me of Fiona Apple, with a powerful soul voice. Shes awkwardly pretty. I like her, what little I have seen.

* MEGAN CORKERY - This was the single mom I liked most, out of a lot of them, lol. They never showed her after her initial audition - but she had an old school voice which was amazing. I really hope the voters give her a chance.

* ALEXIS GRACE - I love when tiny people have huge voices. Shes a single mother too. And she has a rock vibe, with a soul voice. I like it all.

And now, here's the people I would have left out of the group, the ones I don't like already and want to go home .. now:

* KRISTIN MACNAMARA - She has been given too much camera time. She was the one person in the ill fated group of 3, that I think caused the most problems. Her voice is okay, but she looks and dresses like a fool, and I find her amateurish and annoying. I want her out first.

* NATHANIEL MARSHAL - DRAMA QUEEN! He could almost give Tatiana a rush for her money. He wears ill fitting clothes, and sings average. I don't like him.

* TATIANA DEL TORO - Now I will admit, she can sing. Well actually. But she may go down in history as one of the most annoying people on television. She will either go away quickly, or somehow make it a long way. She does make good TV though, dammit.

* JORGE NUNEZ-MENDEZ - I just don't think he can sing. Period.

* ALEX WAGNER-TRUGMAN - The faces he makes are horrific. And he has a bland boring voice. Shouldn't have passed through.


Okay there you have it.
We will see how it all unfolds.

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