Monday, February 16, 2009

How AI will work

Things have changed this season on American Idol. Here's how the next couple of weeks will go:

American Idol Season 8 is under way. The Top 36 were announced on Wednesday's show. This year the rules have changed a bit. They will be divided into 3 groups of 12. The groups of 12 will perform on Tuesday. At the conclusion of each results show on Wednesday, the male and female semifinalists who received the highest number of home viewers votes for their previous night's performance will instantly become a Top 12 finalist. In addition, another semifinalist that had received the next-highest number of votes after the performance episode — regardless of gender — will also become a finalist. In the wild card round, the next highest finishers plus other eliminated semi-finalists will return for one more chance to compete. The judges will pick the 3 performers left that they consider the best. No voting by the public will be done at this stage.


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