Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Police Report

The official police report is out - and the rumors can stop in the Chris Brown, Rihanna scandel. And YES he did beat Rihanna. Here are the facts from the police report:

* Chris Brown will be charged with felony
* Chris Brown will be charged with domestic battery
* Rihanna's damages are severe and visible
* Chris Brown got a text from another woman, which started a visible argument between he and Rihanna, worried he was cheating on her. Chris started beating Rihanna, with his fists. She demanded he drive her home, and then faked a phone call to her friend, and actually called the police asking that they meet her at her home. Chris found out about the call and told Rihanna he would kill her. Then he choked her and continued beating her. Soon the cops arrived to the location and Chris fled.
* Rihanna says this was the culmination of escalating violence in an abusive relationship.

wow - what a dick

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