Monday, February 16, 2009

Madonna wanting to act again

Madonna, the richest woman in music ever, is wanting to return to acting. I think this is a good idea .. just wait and don't hate. Madonna is intent on playing Wallis Simpson, who was a twice divorced american woman who lured King Edward the 13th to leave his throne in England to come to the US and marry her. Apparently Madonna is so excited about the prospect of the role that she has plastered her mansion with clippings of the famous man stealer. A source close to the Queen of Pop said this:

"Madonna sees Wallis Simpson as her next big film project. She is as passionate about it as she was about playing Eva Peron in Evita… she is fascinated with this American commoner who refused to conform or offer explanations for her tangeled love life."

I think its a good idea. She tried to hard to get the role of Evita, and it payed of in a BIG way. The film was a huge success and Madonna won a Best Actress golden globe for the award.

She hasn't acted in a while, and I think this project sounds like a good one for her to attach herself too. She's a talented lady, no matter what you think of her movie missteps. For every Swept Away there was an Evita. For every Shanghai Surprise there was Dick Tracy, or Desperately Seeking Susan, or Dangerous Game, or A League of their Own. She has done some great performances. (and some horrid ones, yes)

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