Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Idol: Group One

What a HORRIFIC first episode. Other than a couple performances (which still weren't AMAZING) this first group was a HUGE dissapointment. I was going to rank them from THE GREAT, THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY. But this week I dont have that .. so I am going with:


* ALEXIS - She gave the best performance of the night in my book. It was by no means amazing, but hey, at least she sang well, looked amazing, and didn't run around the stage like a fool. She was an early favorite of mine - and did herself well here, despite having little screen time. I hope she's given the shot to move on.

* DANNY - I like his friend Jamar better, still do. Of course Danny can sing, but I hate when people sing Hero (or anything Mariah Carrey) and then talk about how uplifting it is. Ugh! Just gag me. BUT, he sang it very well, and after many horrible performances, he won me over. Just for the night .. there's something about him and his voice that just doesn't excite me. But easily the second best. (Im sure many would say he was the best)

* TATIANA - Bam! What a shock. This terror of a girl actually blew away most all of the competition. If she wouldn't have gone off key a few little times, and if she weren't the creepiest fame monger alive, I may have ranked her first. But, what a voice. You can't deny that she can sing. I don't think she has much a chance to move on, but if they are moving forward the top guy and girl, and then the 3rd vote getter, if you're going based on votes - she should be included.


* JACKIE - She is one of my favs, still is. But vocally this was all over the place. Not a good song choice. But, she was the only exciting performer of the night (better than the 3 above). But she needs to show off her voice.

* ANOOP - Boring as all get out, but he sounded okay.

* RICKY - Even more boring than Anoop, and less emotion behind his voice. But he hit all the notes. (This night overall was awful, hence these people being so high)


* STEPHEN - I still think he can sing, but this was a third rate performance. No one sings Michael like Michael, and he actually looked bored. This was just plain terrible.

* MICHAEL - 3rd rate Karaoke - and bad outfit. Overall bad.


* ANNE-MARIE - I liked her... until last night. Not only did she sing AWFUL and out of tune, she also came across as a bitch. And when you cause more drama than Tatiana, you are in trouble. She called Sara Barrealius "not good", and then came across total bitch. And she butchered Whitney. Bitchered it actually.

* BRENT - He sang a song called Hick Town. And it sang it like a drunken frat boy at a bad karaoke.

* CASEY - She blew it! She rocked the Amy Winehouse hair, and sang worse than my 3 year old cousin. She was a true disaster in every way. Terrible singing, terrible performance. Awful. Good riddance.

* STEVIE - Poor poor Stevie. She was so nervous and it showed. I am almost 90% sure she didn't sing a single note in tune. This was one of the worst things I have ever seen on this show.


I think that the 3 to continue on should be: Alexis, Danny, and Tatiana (and I think they should bring Jackie back on a wildcard night)

However I believe the 3 that will pass on will be: Danny, Alexis, and Anoop

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