Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oscar's Overlooked

The Oscars are a pretty good viable choice to look at the best performances and films of the year. HOWEVER looking back into time there are quite a few amazing actors and actresses who have consistently turned in fantastic performances, and SHOCKINGLY, have never been nominated for an Oscar, much less won one. Here is a look at a few that shocked me!

* Alan Rickman
* Kevin Bacon
* John Cusak
* Ewan McGregor
* Steve Buscemi
* Jeffrey Wright
* Steve Martin
* Donald Sutherland
* Gary Oldman
* Alan Cumming
* Tim Curry
* Danny DeVito
* Phillip Baker Hall

* Mia Farrow
* Parker Posey
* Isabella Rossellini
* Maggie Gyllenhaal
* Mary Louise Parker
* Jennifer Jason Leigh
* Charlotte Rampling
* Catherine O'Hara
* Robin Wright Penn
* Kyra Sedgewick
* Jamie Leigh Curtis

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