Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Amy Winehouse - Girlfriend stealer?

Amy Winehouse admits to cheating on her locked up husband while he's been in jail, now for over a year. But this is a first. Amy has now been blamed for splitting up a lesbian couple who were vacationing in St. Lucia. The 2 girlfriends were visiting the caribbean on their first vacation together, and the angry girlfriend says she exploded into rage when she found her girlfriend in bed with Amy Winehouse in her hotel room. When she ran into them, Amy just shrugged and asked the other woman to join them for a threesome. And then, on the spot, after 4 months of dating, the relationship ended as the jilted lover broke up with her girl on the spot. She booked a flight home immediately, leaving her now ex there. She also rumored to have changed her Myspace profile to saying: "Amy Winehouse asked me for a threesome and I said no, no, no."

She says the whole story is that the couple had been partying with Winehouse for a couple of days, and she grew suspicious of the 2 when they would dissapear for hours at a time. She also said that when she walked in on the two, topless in bikini bottoms in bed, Amy asked her to join in and when she said no Amy got angry. "It got all messy. Amy shouted at me for not joining in. It was a strange night."

Lesbo Winehouse? Who knew.
Now stop stealing people's girlfriends Amy and get into the studio!

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