Thursday, February 26, 2009

American Idol Week 2!

YAY! What a rejuvenating week for American Idol. Last week was a disaster for me (besides Alexis and the intruiging Tatiana). This week we had at least 5 or 6 really great performances. Here is my rundown of last night:


*ALLISON* Although her interview with Ryan was trying at best, she blew me away. When she said she was singing 'Alone' by Heart, I just knew she would be awful. She's 16.. come on! Well I was amazed and happily shocked. She turned out the best vocals of the night easily.

*ADAM* The resident rocker hottie of this year did not dissapoint. He showed off the most amazing range of the season thus far. He should have no problem sailing through most of the competition.

*MEGAN* Hello favorite! Although this wasn't her best performance, I just fall in love with her so easily. She has a unique voice and anyone who can stand behind the mic and awkwardly wiggle in such a cute way (aka Amy Winehouse), I love. I think this competition needs a unique voice like hers. I surely hope she makes it through! Im smitten.


*JESSE* She looks like Fiona Apple, and has a unique and husky voice. Which I love. She also nailed one of my favorite classic songs, Bette Davis Eyes. I wish she had more support because she deserves it. She's great!

*MISHAVONNA* What a name! Hers wasn't the best performance by a longshot, but it was refreshing to hear someone sing completely in tune. I liked her voice, nothing too special about her however. But I applaud her for singing it very well.


*NICK/NORMAN* I just can't help but love and get behind Nick/Norman. I am glad he stuck to his tride and true hot mess of a comedy routine. The vocals were not his best for sure, but he did hit some notes, and more importantly will be the most memorable. I like him!


*MATT* I like his voice .. quite a lot actually. He has an intense goat-like vibratto which I am sure annoys many, but I really enjoy. I like guys who sound different, rough even. I prefer his voice to that of Danny (the very bland yet good vocalist passed through last week). However he picked a TOUGH song, although very popular which may get votes. He went off key and it was a semi-mess, but I like him still.

*KRIS* He goes into the good category for 2 reasons, he mainly sang on key, and hes kinda cute and fun. I don't expect him to go far though.


*MATT* I like him much better than last weeks plus sized manual laborer. However, this was a boring performance at best. He did sing in tune however, which is a plus.

*KAI* Forgettable but not horrible. I think he blew it overall. But was better than most people last week - sadly.


*JEANINE* Whew, rough as hell. And her whole begging to be on the show, because she's been singing for 14 years, was tiresome. Hers was the worst performance of the night.

*JASMINE* She once showed promise, but she ended her hopes tonight. This was just bad.


So I wish the 3 going through would be: Adam as the top guy, Megan as the top girl, and Allison as the 3rd highest vote getter


I am predicting the 3 to go through are: Adam and Allison as the top vote getters and Matt as the 3rd highest vote getter. (however Norman could be a spoiler!)

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