Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nominees Future Chances

Here's this years acting nominees, and what I think will happen in their film future concerning Oscars. Who has a shot at a win in the future?

RICHARD JENKINS - I think he will be more recognized, and will get another shot at the Oscars, in under 5 years. I doubt he will win, but he will still continue to have a great "under the radar" career.

FRANK LANGELLA - I bet he will snag another Tony. As far as a film career, it was his last shot.

SEAN PENN - I predict at least 3-5 more nominations, and a win thrown in there, again before its all said and done, probably a supporting role.

BRAD PITT - I certainly believe he will be nominated again. He is picking risky and interesting things as of late. I shall guess 2 more nominations, but no win.

MICKEY ROURKE - His career is back on track, in a big way. I think he will make some high profile action flicks for a couple years, and then when he sets his sights on a demanding role, he will win an Oscar. I will say 1 more nomination which will lead to a win.

ANNE HATHAWAY - Its interesting. I could see her being nominated again, but I have a stinking suspicion this was it. I see her more of a Goldie Hawn than a Meryl Streep.

ANGELINA JOLIE - She is much more respected. I do believe that she will recieve at least 2 more nominations, if not 3. And I think she will win a lead actress Oscar before its all said and done.

MELISSA LEO - Its tricky. I certainly hope she is given more roles, because she is a fantastic actress. I will guess in 2 years she will be given a baity supporting role and she will be nominated again.

MERYL STREEP - Of course she will have shots of being nominated and winning every year she makes a film, no matter the film. I will say she will get at least 5 more nominations and 1 or 2 wins. At least.

KATE WINSLET - Another of course. Although I think it will be a while. I am sure she will get 3 or so more nominations. I would say another win when she is older.

JOSH BROLIN - I predict him winning a leading actor Oscar, in the next 5-10 years. 1 nomination which leads to a win, thats it.

ROBERT DOWNEY JR - I expect at the very least 2 more nominations. Not sure if he will ever win though. It would be nice.

PHILLIP SEYMORE HOFFMAN - Before its over I think he will get more nominations than any on this list (in the future). I also believe he has another win in him as well. I'll say 5 more nominations, and a win.

MICHAEL SHANNON - He is amazing in the 2 films I have seen him in. I will predict another nomination, at least. I think his star will rise.

AMY ADAMS - I am predicting BIG things for her. I will say a win in the next year or two. Then another win in her later years, say around when shes 60 or so. So I will say 3 nominations, 2 wins (one in each category)

PENELOPE CRUZ - I certainly believe that she will only grow from her Oscar win. I doubt she will win another, but I see at least 1 more nomination in her future.

VIOLA DAVIS - I hope she sticks to film along with theatre and television. I doubt she will get another nomination though - sadly.

TARAJI P. HENSON - This was it.

MARISA TOMEI - Its hardly over for Marisa. Ever since she won the Oscar for My Cousin Vinny and people got mad about it, she has been on a role with one amazing performance after another. She is a character actress for sure. I think she will win another supporting oscar, and get a lead nomination too.

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