Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mo'Nique continues earning raves

It seems there is no shortage of love for Mo'Nique, in what is sure to be her star making dramatic role in Push (not the Dakota Fanning movie). Just read these excerpts from reviews:

From Box Office:

"But the almost certain 2010 Oscar nom for all of this (predictable even today, on the day the 2009 noms were just announced) belongs to Mo'Nique, whose alternately horrifying and devastating performance humanizes a monster. The last ten minutes of Push are devoted to a revelatory confrontation between mother and daughter, and Mo'Nique's bravura transformation, from opportunistic schemer to shattered woman unable to face an unlivable truth, is so unerring it literally makes the viewer gasp. Daniels, who produced Monsters Ball and shows a similar belief in giving his actors room to explore, has captured a performance here that can stand with the best ever committed to film. It simply should not be missed."

McClatchy Newspapers:

"The film is rewarded by a supporting turn by Mo'Nique that many feel is a lock to secure an Oscar nomination next year. And, no, it isn't too early to make such a call. Her performance is, unbelievably, better than most nominated this year."


""Push" is a horror movie, of course, and Mary is a monster, whose one glimmer of humanity -- which Mo'Nique, who is utterly brilliant, reveals in a tour de force soliloquy at the finale -- only makes her more horrible."

Hollywood Insider:

"The star of Sundance this year, is also the star of the highly anticipated 'Push'. That would be Mo'Nique of 'Phat Girlz' fame. Those days are over, as she is surely to be an Oscar winner this time next year for her role as Mary - the abusive, mentally handicapped mother of Precious. This performance is stunning in every way possible."


"Mo'Nique is stunningly psychotic. I couldn't take my eyes off of her the entire time she was on the screen. When she wasn't on the screen, I wondered what she was doing. This is nothing short of a revelation."

Sundance Archival:

"As her domineering mother, Mo'Nique, who has previously only ventured into comedic roles, is absolutely stunning. Most of the film requires her to display utter contempt for Precious, but as the story progresses, she adds a sympathy that is both unexpected and moving. Mo'Nique may not have thought she had a career as a serious actress, but that will completely change after "Push". She is brilliant in every possible way."

Sundance Review Channel:

"Mo'Niques performance in Push, will be the performance of the year."



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