Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Daily Amy 2: Amy takes Control of Divorce

Amy Winehouse says she is now ready to sign the divorce papers her estranged husband had sent to her from behind bars. She says the reasons she didn't sign before were involved more with money than with love. Yesterday she sent her lawyers information on a divorce settlement, that if signed by Blake - Amy would in turn sign the divorce papers. It was an offer of 2.5 million pounds (well over 4 million US). Her reasoning behind that, is that it is half of the money she made the year that they were married - saying he deserved no more than half of what was hers while they were married. Seems fair enough to me .. actually more generous because he was in jail for about 9 of those 12 months. Amy had this short statement to say:

"My music is my music. I made money off of what I wrote and sang. He deserves none of that. But I am willing to give him half of what I made while we were together. He is out for much more than that, but this is all I am willing to offer."

Well today .. the news has changed. Apparently Blake either declined the offer, or Amy and her team have heard nothing, so Amy today has made a public statement that she has changed the offer .. from 2.5 million to NOTHING. Yes thats right ZERO. A source from the Sun paper, and an insider into Amy's press agents, had this to say:

"Amy is turning her life around and wants Blake out of it. She’s already spent £500,000 on Fielder-Civil’s legal bills, she also has a fax proving she spent £36,000 on his rehab, yet he asks for more. This is set to become the most acrimonious celebrity split of 2009. The knives are out. Blake has been bad-mouthing her and Amy feels totally betrayed. She supported him the entire time he was banged up first time around, and this is the thanks she gets. When he was released from jail and packed off to rehab, he didn’t even inform her. The first she heard of it was when the clinic invoiced her for £36k – she still has the fax to prove it. On top of this, Amy spent in excess of half a million pounds on Blake’s legal team in the past year, as well as on presents and surprises for him.’

Amy herself had a statement:

"Mark my words that motherfucker won't get a penny of my money."


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