Monday, February 2, 2009

Blake is dissapointed .. POOR HIM

Druggy and jailbird Blake Fielder-Civil is speaking out, from behind bars, about being dissapointed in his wife Amy - who as of late has refused to divorce him. Here is what he said:

"Does anyone deserve this kind of treatment? Am I that bad? Amy's words and actions have disappointed me a lot. The comment on my ability in the bedroom has caused a lot of humour among my fellow inmates. I must try harder with my next girlfriend! It would be all too easy to get into a war of words. The impulse to retaliate is strong but the need to act with dignity and respect is a must. I've taken everything on the chin and had my character assassinated but I've got nothing to prove to anyone. I know what I'm made of. I've made mistakes and I've been punished. In short, I want to be left alone."

This all coming from the guy who said it was his fault for destroying Amy by introducing her to hard drugs. Hmmm .. I feel no sympathy for you Blake, as all you are trying to do is milk Amy for as much of her fortune as you can.

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