Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Angelina Jolie:Nightlines Oscar Actress

Every year ABC's nightline picks one actor to interview pre-oscar and this year it has chosen Angelina Jolie, nominated for Changeling. Terrific choice I think. You can watch her entire interview at: http://abcnews.go.com/Nightline/. Here are some of the excerpts:

"It is lovely to have won an Oscar in the past, and a surprise and delight to be nominated. I am more excited for Benjamin Button, I hope that it has a great night. I am really rooting for Brad Pitt to win, and not only because I am married to him."

"When I read the script for Changeling, I honestly couldn't sleep for the next couple of nights. I was haunted."

"At first I didn't want to do the film, because its such heavy material, and my mother had just passed away and I was dealing with that. However when I found out Clint Eastwood was attached the direct, and that he specifically wanted me for the role, I decided I couldn't pass on such an amazing opportunity."

"Overall my priorities in life are: Family, my relationship, charity work, and then acting."

"Its an amazing year for women in film. Just look at my category. Meryl! Kate Winslet, who was just stunning. Anne Hathaway. And Melissa Leo who was one of my favorites."

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