Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Daily Amy: Targeted by Terrorists

File this under so unbelievable but true. Amy Winehouse has been named as a "terror target" on a hit list compiled by Islamic extremists according to newly released information reguarding the ongoing Isreaeli invasion in Gaza. The list compiles, and I quote, "A list of top Jews that we can target. These Jews are powerful and should be targeted immediately." These anti-jewish activists are called Ummah, and on their online forum the list has been posted (also containing Marc Ronsons name as well). Glen Jenvey, a British anti-terror expert, told the Sun newspaper: "The Ummah website has been used by extremists. Those listed should treat it very seriously. It would not be out of question for those listed to expect a hate campaign and intimidation by 20 or 30 thugs. This is certainly very serious." Oh my God.

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