Thursday, January 8, 2009

Daily Amy: Live at the Lounge

Amy Winehouse got back to singing yesterday in the hotel lobby where she is vacationing in St. Lucia. Late in the evening, Winehouse went down to the piano, browsed through sheet music, and played and sang for almost 2 hours. The small resort holds under 75 guests, and about 30 were listening to Amy all night. Some onlookers said this:

"She sounded amazing. I mean you hear a lot of things about her, and you get afraid she won't be able to sing again, but that's so far from being true. She sounded better than she does on her album. It was kinda miraculous."

"She looked healthy and better than she has in over a year. She was happy and sober and played the piano beautifully."

In attendance was her rumored new beau, Joshua Bowman. He stood near the piano and she sang certain songs to him. After she finished she ran to him and they hugged each other as the small but enthusiastic crowd cheered her on.


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