Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Daily Amy 2: Life After Blake

Amy Winehouse seems to have found a new beau of sorts while her extending vacation in the sun at St. Lucia continues. She has been pictures multiple times with the hottie pictured here. His name is Joshua Bowman and he is a rugby player. The two have spent 4 consecutive days on the beach together, swimming, walking, holding hands, and playing volleyball. They were even spotted eating dinner together at an oceanside resort. Bowman was quickly interviewed by the UK Daily Mail and had this to say about Amy:

"She's just a cool girl, very nice, and we're just very friendly. She's a good laugh – she is such a lovely girl and on great form. I can't say much more than that."

Winehouse's UK rep Chris Bowman had this to say about Amy's vacation:

"She has been enjoying herself on her break and meeting lots of new people. There are many like-minded people there having extended breaks. Amy is a friendly person and very sociable and behaving exactly as I would expect her to do. She has consciously been trying to eat better and get fitter for some time now and it is beginning to pay off."

She's doing good folks!

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