Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Daily Amy: Moving to Jamaica?

Amy Winehouse is reportedly thinking about moving to Jamaica to record her third album. She has told the record company that she is inspired by the island she had been residing on for the past 2 months, St. Lucia, and she is keen to move to Jamaica because they have some state of the art recording studios there. And, her record album will foot the bill - if she decides to move. A source says: "The company will foot the bill to move Amy to Jamaica if she continues to keep getting better and is ready to produce music. They will do anything to make sure their favorite artist continues to produce the amazing music she is known for."

However some worry Jamaica could be troublesome, it is one of the highest drug filled places in the world. However most that know her agree, as she is getting better, its best for her to stay away from London and the people who have been bad influences on her.

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