Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tom - 2 steps back

After a surprising Golden Globe nomination for his comedic turn in Tropic Thunder, Tom Cruise took a step forward in making a comeback, after a couple of rough years where scientology craziness and couch jumping took over his once shining career. His latest movie "Valkerie" was slated to etch his name back onto the A-List and jumpstart his return to the silver screen. However, it has pretty much failed at the box office and been ripped to shreds by critics all over the world - especially Tom's performance. Here are some excerpts:

NY Post:
"The only thing that can definitely be said about this cinematic "adventure" is that Tom Cruise, who has been damaged by his bizarre talk show behavior, may well continue storming the heights of the Scientology hierarchy as a Thetan, but his image as an actor has been finally ruined by Valkyrie, he is truly terrible. One could say worse than ever."

The Berlin Daily:
"It doesn't dare to be popcorn cinema and at the same time lacks any conceptual brilliance. The movie is just a mess all around. Not even the star quality from Tom Cruise, who seems bored and tired, can lift this movie above the feeling of a made-for-tv movie about the fall of Hitler."

San Fran Post:
"Tom Cruise might as well quit, his attempt at acting here is one of the worst performances this year, in one of the worst movies as well."

Nicholas wants to see this one, so I will go with him and judge for myself.

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