Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Love for Adams and hoffman

Doubt is re-emerging as a huge player for the Oscars this year as all 4 of its lead actors are recieving many nominations (and quite a few wins so far, about 7 for Viola Davis, and 2 for Meryl Streep). However film critics from the New Yorker are praising the performances of the other 2, Phillip Seymore Hoffman and Amy Adams. While Meryl and Viola are landing most of the critical praise, the magazine says never to overlook the 2 supporting characters who, in his opinion, steal the show:

"Phillip Seymore Hoffman is always amazing and the fact that he nearly trumps himself in doubt is work of shear genius."

"In a movie where all the support is being rallied behind the always powerful Meryl Streep, and all the supporting attention is on Viola Davis, its a true shame that Amy Adams is being overlooked, because her performance is indeed the best and most powerful of the bunch."

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