Sunday, December 7, 2008

Daily Amy: Blake out for Money

Jailed druggie Blake Fielder-Civil now wins the worlds worst husband award. If it wasn't bad enough that he introduced Grammy winning soungstress (and my favorite singer in the whole world) to a world of hard drugs which has just about ruined her career, he has been rumored to have cheated on her numerous times, but now he has stooped to a new low. The soon to be ex husband of Amy Winehouse is now asking for 1.2 million dollars CASH from Amy in "hush money" .. if he doesn't get the money he says he will open up everything about their relationship to the press and he will write a tell-all book about their marriage - which will no doubt paint Amy in a bad light. This all comes just one week after an interview in which Blake said that he didn't want a penny from Amy. (Also in that interview he said he was clean from drugs, 2 days later he failed a drug test in rehab and now will rot in jail til 2010). Even worse Blake's mother has said: "Amy is worth over 50 million dollars, surely my son deserves more than a measly million." THESE PEOPLE ARE CRAZY! Blake is in jail - what would he need a million dollars for. He should be paying her for fucking her up so bad. I hope he doesn't get a cent, and that he just rots away in jail.

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