Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sharon will DESTROY you

This may be the most exciting news EVER. As you may know, Sharon Osbourne is hosting the Rock Of Love Charm School on VH1, which is one of the most entertaining guilty pleasures you will find on television. The finale will be this Sunday, followed by a reunion special next week. TUNE IN to the reunion special, because drama will go down. Sharon is the host, teaching the skanks of Rock of Love etiquette and such. Well apparently Sharon throws it all out of the window, and for some reason Megan (one of the funniest from the show) gets her very angry and ... Sharon beats the living hell out of her!!! You read it right. 60 something Sharon taking down 20 something Meghan. Apparently it was so bad Megan wouldn't leave the studio without security, fearing Sharon would beat her again in the parking lot, and she is now SUING Mrs. Osbourne. All I can say is that SHARON ROCKS MY WORLD, and I will be watching!!!

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