Monday, December 15, 2008

Daily Amy: Amy Helps Nurses

Amy Winehouse has now been in the hospital for over 3 weeks, and she is making herself more at home and making friends, not with other patients, but with the nurses. Amy has been getting out of her bed to make the rounds with the nurses and serving meals to bed-ridden patients. The nurses have taken a liking to Amy, one told a reporter the following:

"Amy has been the dream patient. First and foremost she seems to want to get better. And she seems to have a deep desire to make others better. To make them have a better day. She knows us all by name and helps us hand out the hot meals to the patients in bed treatment. She chats with them and knows all their names too. She is a welcome addition to the hospital as she gets better each and every day. You could call her an honorary nurse. We all love her actually."

lets do it all at once .... AWWWWW!!!

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