Monday, December 8, 2008

Times Top 10

The Times have listed their top 10 films and top 10 performances of the year. Some VERY interesting and risky choices (especially in the performance category)

1. Wall-E
2. Synecodoche NY
3. My Winnipeg
4. 4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days
5. Milk
6. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
7. Slumdog Millionaire
8. Iron Man
9. I've Loved You So Long
10. The Wrestler

Top Ten Performances

1. Kate Winslet in The Reader
2. Viola Davis in Doubt
3. Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight
2. Jean-Claude Van Damme in JCVD
4. Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man
5. Angelina Jolie in Wanted
3. Dakota Fanning in The Secret Life of Bees
3. Vlad Ivanov in 4 Months
7. Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler
4. Brandon Walters in Australia
10. Penelope Cruz in Vicky Christina Barcelona

Were used to Mickey, Penelope, Kate, and Viola but Robert Downey for Iron Man?! And Angelina Jolie for Wanted and not Changeling? Weird.

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